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The Beauty of Simplicity


From the advent of the internet, everyday technology has progressed at breakneck speeds. Every few years, a new device or item presents itself as a game-changer. There is no denying that these developments have brought a litany of benefits, however there is significant evidence that many are ready to pump the brakes on this onslaught of technological progression. While a decade ago, e-readers purportedly changed the way we read, brick and mortar bookstores are thriving, and paperback sales are soaring. As smartphones have become ubiquitous, the classic flip phone is mounting a comeback. The same trend of simplicity can be seen in today’s new vehicles. According to Automotive News, “automakers are increasingly hitting resistance from consumers as they try to streamline and modernize their vehicles’ interiors.”

Many automakers, feeling that they had their finger on the pulse, began to include expensive and new technology as standard equipment in new models. This new technology added substantial cost and frustration to buyers. According to Automotive News, “Drivers’ interaction with technology in a vehicle’s interior is a growing area of dissatisfaction, especially when it comes to basic features such the radio, climate controls and gauge cluster, said Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction and human-machine interface research at J.D. Power.”

We believe that a happy medium can exist, one where both Luddites and techies are satisfied. The Elio Motors philosophy is simple: we want to provide our customers with everything they need while allowing them to add the newest available tech. The design and function of the standard Elio is based on a desire from Elio customers for a simple, yet modern design with the option for customization.

The base model of the Elio comes equipped with air conditioning, heat, defrost, an AM/FM radio, and a standard instrumental panel. The original design for the Elio dash was based on an Elgin Lord watch, which is a tribute to Paul Elio’s father. While the dash may be available as an option, we decided earlier this year to move forward with a traditional dashboard featuring standard gauges. This decision was based on reservation holder feedback, as well as a desire to keep costs and development time at a minimum.


While the Automotive News article points out a trend toward simplicity, there remains a strong demand for the most cutting-edge automotive tech. For this reason, we developed our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. Through ePlus, Elio Motors customers will be able to add the technology they desire a la carte. This program also means that Elio owners can bring their vehicles to an Elio Motors store and add options after the purchase, allowing them to stay ahead of changing tech trends.

Many auto buyers have signaled a yearning for simplicity while others endeavor to keep with the latest and greatest automotive technology. At Elio Motors, we believe our vehicle presents itself as an ideal choice for both groups. So, if you consider yourself a purist, a techie, or anything in between, the Elio is the vehicle for you.

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