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The Blog Hits 100!

The P4 in the Shreveport Plant

The P4 in the Shreveport Plant

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Are you ready for Halloween and some trick or treat’ers this weekend? Always a fun weekend in the neighborhoods around the country, get ready for the little minions, Star Wars characters, super heroes and zombies. Remember the rule at the door – one for you, one for you, one for me.

This is a monumental week in Elio Motors’ Blog history – this is blog number 100. How exciting is that?! Every Friday, for 100 straight weeks we have shared the Elio story and progress with our passionate fans and followers and it has been a blast. We have come so far and there are so many more great things coming… Here’s to the next 100!


This week in the blog we are going to catch you up on a couple of items as we move forward on our journey. We have three things this week: Reg A+, SEMA, and P5.

Our first topic this week is for those that have expressed interest in shares of Elio Motors. If you are one of these 11,212+ people that have reserved shares through StartEngine, open your email! We have been sending updates about the process. As we await SEC authorization, these emails become more and more important. We have a plan outlined for the purchasing of shares that you need to be aware of before we go live (pending SEC authorization). Check your junk folder if you haven’t received the emails. Remember, this only applies for those of you that have expressed interest in buying shares via the StartEngine platform.


The Elio Motors Team is heading to the SEMA show this week in Las Vegas. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association and is one of, if not the, largest shows held in Las Vegas each year. The show is a good one for us too as we get to show off our revolutionary vehicle to the people in the industry and we get to see all the cool items that are coming to market. Can you think of a more perfect place to get ideas for our After Sale program? It will be a good week for Elio and our fans.

And to close up the blog this week, some more P5 pictures for us die hards. Hand building a prototype is a difficult process, even more so when you plan on using it for more than a piece of art. The team at Technosports Creative continues to impress.


The chassis takes shape


Peak under the hood

The P5

The P5

Elio Preview Tour

November 3-6 – Las Vegas, NV – SEMA Show – Industry Only Event – P4 show


Thanks for your support!

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