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The Bracket and Random Items

Another Happy Friday Elio’ers!  What a great week for the Elio and college basketball fans (unless you are an Ohio State or Oklahoma Fan, sorry)!  March Madness is in full swing and the first week of Elio March Color Madness is in the books.  Before we get to the Elio Bracket let’s go over some random items that are informative but may not be a full blog unto itself.

  • First, the Preview Tour:  The tour marches on today after an unscheduled pit stop for a repair and some engineering time.   Birmingham (5/5) and New Orleans (5/3) are rescheduled for the same locations in each city.  Thank you for understanding the changes.  Please make sure to check the website ( under the News tab) frequently as we will let you know any changes to the Tour there as soon as we can.  Here are our next four stops all 3-6pm:  Austin, TX. March 24th; San Antonio, TX. March 25th; Tucson, AZ. March 28th; Ontario, CA March 30th. Stop by and say hello to the team and see your next vehicle!
  • Spot In Line Emails:  The spot in line emails went out today to our $1000 All in reservation holders from February through March 16th.  The list was the largest ever and contained a lot of familiar names.  If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder it sometimes gets caught in there.
  • Tech Talk Issues:  Every Wednesday we send out a Tech Talk to our followers and reservation holders.  To subscribe to the mailing list, please go to and go to the bottom of the site and enroll for the newsletter.  It looks like this:
  • newsletter
  • Here are links to past issues of Tech Talk for your reading pleasure.  Click these links to go to each Tech Talk:  Engine with IAV; Altair AerodynamicsElio Safety; Elio VisionMule or Prototype; Interior Styling; Tour FAQ

Now for the Elio March Color Madness results and next week’s match-ups!  The battles were fought hard and fast in a lot of the match-ups last week.  Some of the games were decided by as little as 180 votes!   Let’s look at the results from last week:

Game 1 – Licorice versus Mellow Yellow – This game was closer than the pundits had predicted and ended up as the second smallest margin of victory.  The Mellow Yellow fans came on strong – there was even some “persuasion” tactics on some sites but the push came up a little short as Licorice beat out Mellow Yellow by a mere 6% – 53 to 47!  Great match-up but the pure beauty of the Licorice finally won out.  Licorice moves on to face the winner of our second match-up…

Game 2 – This game pitted Sour Apple against True Blue that turned out to be a barn-burner right up to the last votes.  This game ended with Sour Apple sneaking out a 4% win 52-48!  The battle was hard-fought by the True Blue supporters, great effort, but Sour Apple moves on to take on Licorice in our First semifinal match-up.

Game 3 – Creamsicle vs. Rocket Silver – In a game that most folks thought would be a close battle, Creamsicle showed that it has a huge support base by thrashing Rocket Silver 60-40!  Creamsicle was quoted saying “what have you done for me lately” as it finished the game making reference to the P4 being the new, cooler version.

Game 4 – In what is the equivalent of a 16 seed beating a 1 seed in the NCAA tourney, Red Hot destroyed the number 2 seeded Marshmallow 61-39!  The hot colors are obviously in for you Elio fans as the most popular color in the US for cars is sent home in the first round.  This sets up an intriguing match-up in the semifinal that pits Red Hot against surprise favorite Creamsicle!  The excitement is palpable!

Here is the bracket:


Here are this week’s Games – please vote for one team in each poll – winners go to the Championship Game!

Game 5: Licorice vs. Sour Apple – A classic battle of New vs Old, Power vs Finesse, Traditional vs Hipster – Licorice is favored by a small margin this week

Game 6: Red Hot vs. Creamsicle – The Upset Specialist versus The Up and Comer – the experts don’t know what to think after the easy dismissal Red Hot delivered last week – this week is a pick ’em!

Thanks for checking in again this week.  We appreciate your support.

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