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The E1c, Shirt Design, and More…

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Happy Friday Elio’ers! For many of us, the schedule for this weekend is pretty packed: The start of Passover, the end of Spring Break, the Final Four, Easter Sunday, April Fool’s day among other events. In the spirit of this busy weekend full of different events, today’s Friday Blog will cover 3 separate topics: designing the next t-shirt, the E1c, and the viability of a trailer hitch.

Design It 

In case you missed it, last week we asked our supporters for their ideas for the next Elio Motors t-shirt. An incredible amount of entries came our way and we were blown away by the creativity and skill! Initially, we were going to end the contest this week, but the submissions kept on coming throughout the week so we decided to extend the contest for another week. Here’s the deal: if you’re interested, you have until Wednesday night to send in your best design for the next Elio shirt. Next Friday we’ll unveil our favorites and let the blog readers vote on the winner. There is no limit to how many designs you can submit, but just make sure they get turned in before Thursday!


Where (In the World) is the E1c?

Last week’s Friday Blog also talked about what the E1c has been up to. In short, we’ve been taking the E1c to funding events and making it available to our engineers. Interestingly, we received some questions asking about when the photos were taken. As a matter of fact, those photos were taken the same day we sent out the blog! Additionally, we mentioned the fact that while the E1c is not currently on tour, we plan on showing it off across the country in the near-future. Many asked where and when, which is a great question. As soon as we have the details ironed out for another tour, our supporters will be the first to know!

Getting Hitched?

The last topic may seem like a bit of a non-sequitur…okay, you’re right, it is a non-sequitur, but it’s a topic that comes up at least 50 times a week through our various communication channels. Many folks want to know if we will offer a trailer hitch and trailer as an option. At this stage, we do not plan on offering a trailer hitch or a trailer. However, we expect that our vehicle will encourage an active aftermarket, so it’s still a possibility.

Thanks for your support and have a good weekend!

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