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The Elio Appeal

To whom does the Elio appeal?

New ideas spark new conversations. At Elio Motors, our vehicle is an instant conversation starter. The inquiries are often wide-ranging, from the number of wheels and seats to more technical, engineering questions. Questions will often involve our expected market and to which segment of the car-buying population the Elio most appeals. As you can imagine, this area of questioning is interesting because we believe there will be many. In today’s blog from the archives we will take a look at one market segment that we anticipate being a perfect match, commuters.


The average American spends 26 minutes per day each way driving to work. The average daily commute has increased 20 percent in duration since 1980. Of all commuters, about 1/4 travel between 16 and 30 miles, while over 10 percent drive upwards of 30 miles to get to work. Americans are increasingly driving further and spending more time just getting to and from work.

Why is the Elio appealing to commuters? The most obvious reason is the superior gas mileage. Let’s suppose a commuter drives 25 miles one-way to work, their vehicle gets 20 MPG, and gas prices are $2.50 a gallon. Over the course of a year, this commuter will spend $1,625 on gasoline. In an Elio, at up to 84 MPG, this same commuter will spend $386 on gasoline. In this scenario, the driver of the Elio will save approximately $1,240 a year in fuel expenses.

There are additional, less obvious reasons the Elio is attractive to commuters. The clear majority of Americans, approximately 76%, commute to work alone. As the Elio will be classified as either a motorcycle or an autocycle, it will be eligible for HOV lane access in most states. This can save Elio drivers a significant amount of time, not to mention white-knuckled frustration.


The Elio also offers reliability and can save on maintenance costs. Commuter cars on the road are old and getting older, and can require costly unplanned maintenance. With a 3-year, 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, the Elio can be used for commutes, giving older vehicles a break from daily wear and tear.

One of our supporters, Mike P, was freshly graduated from college when he received a job offer in a competitive field. One major drawback was the distance from his home to his new employer: just over 30 miles. Lacking the resources to purchase a new vehicle, Mike drives his gas-guzzling SUV to and from work, which is one of his family’s largest expenditures. As a mega-commuter, the Elio is attractive to Mike not only for the great gas mileage but for the low base price. With the Elio, Mike can afford to keep his SUV for his growing family and afford to drive his Elio for commuting.

The Elio is appealing to many different segments of the car-buying population for a multitude of reasons. For commuters, they anxiously await a fun-to-drive and economical solution to use as their 5-day-a-week workhorse.

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