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This week’s Momentum reviews a topic we have discussed before but remains an important point of discussion. An old adage tells us that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” At Elio Motors, we work every day to be fixers of broken systems. We want to provide solutions to issues like job creation, American manufacturing, cutting the trade deficit, increased fuel-efficiency, and providing affordable transportation. We strive to be innovative in all areas of our business. Additionally, we believe that the experience of buying a new vehicle should be a pleasant experience instead of a tedious chore. Of course, the experience will be slightly different for the first reservation holders as we grow our business and expand our infrastructure, but today’s Momentum highlights how we are going to improve the Elio buying process, and how the process will work.


Once we begin production, we will begin filling all reservations. The experience of buying the Elio will be different for reservation holders than the general public. The process for reservation holders will be conducted primarily online as we begin to establish our retail centers. The plan is for all reservation holders to receive an email with a link to go to their Elio order page approximately 90 days before we make your specific vehicle. The site will be your order site and will allow for you to choose your color, transmission and any option you would like to buy. We will then use that order to build your Elio the way you want it.

For those that do not have a reservation, the plan is to have two different ways to purchase an Elio: online or in-person at one of our Elio Motors Retail Centers. The Internet has made buying a new vehicle a much more streamlined process. For individuals who are either too busy or just prefer to conduct their business online, we are working on a way that they will be able to do so when purchasing their Elio. From the comfort of their homes or offices, we want Elio Motors customers to be able to customize their vehicle online. Our options plan, called ePlus: My Elio. My Way. allows customers to pick their options without having to pay extra for option packages. Another way to think of our option plan is mass personalization. The possible option configurations in and on an Elio will be essentially endless. For online customers, we want them to be able to personalize their Elio from any place with an Internet connection. It’s that easy.

Of course, even with the advantages that come with online shopping, there is still something to be said for in-person interaction. For Elio Motors customers that want to kick the tires and talk to an Elio Motors representative. We plan on having approximately 120 retail centers across the country. Some markets, such as Los Angeles, could have multiple locations, while smaller locales may only have one. Our goal is to have Elio Motors Retail Centers accessible to as many people as possible.

Our Retail Centers will look less like a vast car lot and more like a tech store. When visiting an Elio Motors store, you will have the option of completing your transaction on one of our kiosks or with an Elio Motors employee. One advantage to visiting one of our retail centers in-person is getting a good feel for the Elio driving experience through a test drive.

The vast majority of car buyers despise the car buying process. Our goal is to make it a fun and informative process. One of the reasons consumers dread the car buying process is the fear and anticipation of haggling with pushy salespeople. We decided that a pressure-free environment is best, so the base price of the Elio will be set across the country. The base price of the Elio and the price of our options will be the same for everyone at every retail location. Instead of offering discounts, we plan to pass along the same great price to everyone. We believe that this approach is beneficial to our customers, as they will be able to make a more informed decision without feeling pressured.

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