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The Elio Interior


This week’s Momentum from the archives looks at some of the details that make up a popular topic: the interior of the Elio.

The interior of a vehicle seems simple enough: a dashboard, some knobs, handles, and a few other components. Under closer examination, a vehicle’s interior is much more complex. In today’s Momentum, we will take an in-depth look at the colors and textures that will make up the Elio’s standard interior.

Interior Color

The Elio will come in a standard two interior color configuration: Pantone 426 C and Pantone 413 PC.


Most of the interior will comprise of Pantone 426 C, while the A Pillars and headliner will use Pantone 413 PC. While the base model includes these two colors, Elio Motors customers will be able to customize the interior colors of their vehicles through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. So, if you opt for a Creamsicle Elio, you can order select parts of the interior to match the exterior.


The interior of the Elio will utilize three different textures depending on use and design feel: stipple, leather, and brushed.


The stipple will be primarily used in high-touch areas, such as switches and the door lock. Using stipple makes these components easier to clean and maintain.

Most of the Elio interior will use a leather texture on molded parts. This is done for a variety of reasons. First, the leather texture is a more textured surface, which helps limit the appearance of dust and dirt. Secondly, the leather texture provides a soft feel for the eyes along with a significant reduction in glare.

The third type of texture we will use, called brushed texture, is primarily used for design and aesthetic reasons. The brushed texture, which is designed to look like the fibers are interwoven, attracts the eye and provides more depth of field.

To show you how all three textures work together, let’s take a look at the instrument panel.


As you can see, we are using the leather texture in areas which the driver rarely touches, such as the dashboard, and stipple in the area surrounding the HVAC controls, door lock, and window controls. The leather texture is also used on the top of the dashboard which helps hide dust and limits glare.

The Elio’s door panel is another terrific example of how we will be utilizing these different materials. Again, we are using stipple in high-touch areas and leather texture in areas which are prone to accumulate dust and dirt. The brushed texture is also integrated on the door (and instrument panel by the controls) to add depth and character to the interior, as well as give the owner an opportunity to customize depending on their individual tastes.

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