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The Elio is “Techy”!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! We have been talking about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Infinite Skyz all week and wanted to answer some of your questions and also share a couple of interview/videos from CES.

By now most of you have heard about our partnership with Infinite Skyz.  The details about this awesome system were covered in a press release and more recently in this weeks Tech Talk.  We can go on and on about how cool the system is: the “E-Live” apps like E-Vision allowing you to see what is going on around your vehicle and “E-Navigate” that will make sure that you are taking the best route to your destination. There are so many possibilities with the system, and it can change with your needs too!

There have been some questions that have come up this week around the Infinite Skyz system. The system will be an option for the Elio. It is not standard equipment and therefore will not raise the price of the Elio for those that decide they do not want it. It is another cool way to personalize your Elio, and that decision is up to you!

We have a great base of supplier partners, like Infinite Skyz, that help make the Elio what it can be for each of us. Infinite Skyz has a great system that uses Apple products for the user interface. If you are an Android/Windows/”Next new thing” user, don’t fret, as we move forward we will engage partners that will serve other popular operating systems and devices. Demand drives the process, both for the Elio and for the options that can be added.

CES was a huge success for Elio Motors again this year. We had a constant stream of interest from the industry’s leading writers/bloggers/hosts. Here are a couple of pieces that have come out from the show this week:

And our favorite so far is a poll from a site called, a leading technology site with over 10 million visitors a month! They ran a poll for their readers about what they would rather have from a list of cool CES products.  Well let’s just say that we could have taken first second and third and still lapped the field!  Who needs a 105″ bendy TV set when you can have an 84 mpg Elio!!! Check this out.



This week in the Elio Preview Tour:

January 10-18 – Scottsdale, Arizona: Barrett Jackson Auto Auction – Show hours – P4 show


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