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The Fenders


There are several aesthetic aspects of the Elio that generate spirited discussion, from general topics like our unique color palette to the specifics of the headlight design. Among these aspects, the outboard wheels and their coverings seem to spark the liveliest discussion. As this topic seems to be pervasive among both longtime reservation holders and new supporters, this week’s Momentum is from the archive and covers the evolution of the wheel fenders.

The Elio Motors project is driven by four central tenets: ultra-high gas mileage, unbeatable base price, unparalleled safety, and an unwavering commitment to producing an American vehicle and creating American jobs. In terms of our mileage goals, our configuration acts as an excellent starting point. To achieve our desired gas mileage our engineers have scoured every inch of the vehicle looking for ways to enhance the Elio’s fuel economy. Throughout the process, we have made slight enhancements to the vehicle to incrementally improve the efficiency of the vehicle. The fenders of the Elio are one example of improvements we have made throughout the process to maximize the vehicle’s overall mileage.

Along the journey, the fenders have improved on each iteration of the vehicle to help us reach our goal of 84 MPG on the highway. For example, the P3 was equipped with fenders similar to those found on the Plymouth Prowler.


The P4 was the first prototype that showcased full-shirt fenders.


The current design of the fenders offer even better aerodynamics.


While the standard fenders are a meaningful factor in the vehicle’s overall mileage, it is also an area of the vehicle that is ripe for customization. We plan on offering several different fender options, including those found on previous prototypes.

Any fender available as an option will understandably have an effect on the vehicle’s fuel economy. The optional fenders are purely cosmetic and will have an impact on overall mileage.

Many future Elio owners have voiced an interest in purchasing several different fenders, presumably for different times of the year. As we mentioned before, we do plan on offering several different fender styles. For future owners that plan on changing out their fenders on a regular basis, there will be no need to take your Elio into an Elio Motors retail center or to a mechanic. All it will take to change the fenders is a wrench to remove four bolts and the fenders will easily come off. Elio owners will have a multitude of different fenders to choose from and be able to easily change them.

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