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The First Pictures of the Elio Engine in the P5

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Wow, what a week… so exciting. You see and read about the progress that we make every day through our various communication tools like blogs, social media and email. Some days it is small, some days it is “behind the curtain” and sometimes we don’t share everything.

Well, this is just too exciting to hold any longer.

Ok, before we get to the bigger news, wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know that we held a supplier summit this week. Actually it started yesterday and continues through today in Detroit. These paradigm shifting summits continue to exceed expectations as we work our way through this exciting project to design and develop the Elio for America and the world. The feedback from the meeting is always interesting to listen to especially the recap about the amazing group of experts that have come together and the creative/ingenious/unique solutions that they create for your vehicle. We will discuss the supplier summit in more detail in the coming weeks.

Progress can, and does, come in most any form, but today is special. We are very happy to share, for the first time publicly, pictures of the Elio engine in the Elio P5 prototype! Here are a couple of views to soak in:

engine 2



This is a huge step along our journey. A purpose developed engine in a high mileage, low cost vehicle that is made in America. The mission continues with the engine and the E vehicles, stay tuned for more information about the our exciting momentum.


ICYMI – In case you missed it – our friends at Motley Fool have done two pieces about Elio Motors in the last week that we wanted to make sure you saw. Check these out:

A letter about investing featured in last weeks blog:

An Elio test drive and discussion from their staff:


Elio Preview Tour:

Sep 24 – 26 – Las Vegas, NV – Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction – Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino – 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd Show hours – P4 show

September 30 Albuquerque, NM; Pep Boys, 5600 Central Avenue; 11 am to 6 pm; P4 show

Thank you for your support.

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