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The Green of Elio


Happy Friday Elio World!  The Midwest part of our country is coming out of a long winter and is finally turning green, just in time for Earth Day!  This is a perfect tie in for the blog this week – The Green of Elio.

The economics of Elio are undeniable:  our well communicated targets of an ultra-low selling price of $6,800 and game changing fuel economy of 84 mpg highway makes the Elio a vehicle that can literally pay for itself by driving it versus most vehicles on the road today.  Our commitment to American Made is also is well on its way with the plant in the Caddo Parish in Louisiana and our blue chip list of supplier partners.  And the final piece of our guiding tenets safety is addressed constantly in the design and will be supported by the Elio Safety Management System with the three airbags and reinforced steel roll cage protecting our Elio drivers and passengers.

The area that we will also play a significant part in is the environmental side of Elio Motors.  Elio Motors can have a huge impact on the environment when we hit the road, and even before.  Here is a top line look at some of the ways Elio is working to protect our environment.

The first thing that jumps out is the straight-up fuel savings that we can create when the miles driven move to the Elio from a less efficient vehicle.  Over the first 10 years that Elio in on the road (ramping up from start-up to full production), we can save 5.1 billion gallons of gas.  Yes, that is with a “B”.  5,100,000,000 gallons of gas.  This is a staggering number unto itself and in addition to saving those natural resources, what about the atmospheric savings?  Not burning those gases in an engine will save over 99.5 billion pounds harmful CO2 gasses going into the atmosphere.  That is equivalent to taking almost 12 coal-burning power plants offline for a year.*

1-Marshmallow_Elio_Revised_CAD.34-001There are also material savings with the Elio.  Smaller body means fewer materials and less power consumed to make them.  Three tires versus four creates a 25% savings over any car or truck.  Everything turns into a savings of power and materials when you move to an Elio.  Another area that Elio is focusing is the printing of materials.  We are making a conscious decision to make all of our information and paperwork available digitally versus hard copy whenever possible.  Small steps make a difference in the long run.

The last area for today that Elio Motors makes a difference is the use of the former GM plant.  The job re-creation is a huge plus to the local/national economy as we all know, but what about the plant itself?  The plant could have ended up in a scrap yard and in the dump which has happened in many communities around the country.  The recycling is a plus, but much of it ends up in a landfill.  We will re-use the equipment, plumbing, electrical etc. all of which will eliminate the need for  new resources to be created.  That is a lot of water bottles!


Here are the upcoming Preview Tour stops for next week:

Dallas – Earth Day – April 26th and 27th – Texas – Fair Park Dallas, Texas Automotive Building – Booths 2012-2018 –  10am – 6pm  Note: P4 will be there on Saturday, P3 on Sunday

FOX & Friends – NYC – Tuesday – Not a public event – but tune from 6am – 9am EST to see Paul give an Elio Motors update.

Phoenix May 3rd and 4th – Location TBA (check the website)

New Orleans and Birmingham dates have changed – we will make it up with a longer stay in each city – stay tuned

Think about how you can make a difference this month and thanks for your continued support.

* – source

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