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The Many Applications of the Elio

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Happy Friday Elioers! In a previous blog, we talked a little bit about how Elio owners will be able to customize the exterior of their vehicles through our available wraps. These wraps will come in handy if you want to stand out even more while driving your Elio. These wraps will be especially eye-catching for those that want to use their vehicles for business purposes. Today’s blog from the archives* will take a look at some unique applications for the Elio in different businesses.


Most of the time we drive, we do so with at least 3 or 4 “ghost” or empty seats. The Elio fits a need for businesses that require one driver that happens to do quite a bit of driving. The trunk space is 27″ x 14″ x 10″, and because the rear seat folds forward for extra storage space, the Elio is a pretty versatile vehicle for a wide range of businesses.

Newspaper Delivery

This week we heard from a gentleman who is interested in purchasing multiple Elios to deliver newspapers. We think this is a great idea! With our single front seat, the delivery of newspapers to both sides of the street will be a breeze. If you’ve got a strong arm, you can hit houses on both sides of the street in one trip. Easy!

Meter Maids

Let’s face it: meter maids are probably not the most popular folks around. We’ve all had to rush up to an expired meter and try to talk our way out of a ticket. Regardless, the Elio would make a great vehicle for Right of Way Enforcement agencies across the country.

Pizza Delivery

Most pizza delivery employees have to pay for their own gas, so the Elio’s gas mileage will be a savings machine for delivery drivers. Also, with the rear seat folded forward, the Elio can fit quite a few pies! There may even be a few options to make delivering a pizza in the Elio even easier….

Storm Chasers

We admit, this one’s a little out of the box. But consider this: the weather changes quickly, which means that storm chasers are constantly on the move and racking up some serious mileage. Additionally, through our ePlus option program, storm chasers can keep up with the latest tech when covering storms.

These are just a few ways that the Elio can be used for different businesses. Have another idea? Let us know at [email protected]!

Thanks for your support and have a stupendous weekend!

* Originally published November 3, 2017

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