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The Momentum Continues

It is a beautiful Friday Elio Motors Fans!  OK, maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder… it is zero in Chicago and Detroit today (is zero even a temperature anyway?!?) but that hasn’t stopped us from getting ever closer to making your Elio.  The first reviews are in from those folks that experienced the Elio P4 in person and everything is resoundingly positive.  Check out these pictures from Sundance:

reveal4-SAM IMG_5454-sam

The first picture is close-up of the rear end and the trunk space.  With the rear seat up, there is enough room for an airline carry-on bag in the trunk area.  Or, for your daily life, it will hold 5-6 plastic grocery bags from your local supermarket.  With the passenger seat down, you can fit your golf clubs and shoes and probably 40 dozen golf balls (hopefully you don’t need to carry that many for a round of golf)!  Or you can do a Costco or Sam’s trip.

The second picture is P4 in Park City, Utah for The Sundance Film Festival.  The lines are so smooth it is hard to take your eyes off of it!  The enhancements to wheel fairings is a hot topic of conversation out there in the “cyberworld” since the reveal.  Most people love them and how they blend seamlessly into the overall flow of the vehicle.  For those of you that haven’t fallen in love, yet, remember that there will be options available for different fairings/covers that you can use to replace the current style.   So there is an Elio for everyone!

Momentum continues to grow from our events at ShowStoppers CES, Barrett Jackson and Sundance Film Festival.  We jumped over 8100 reservations this week with your help!

Have a great weekend and please feel free to share the Elio story/blog/website with your friends and family.

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