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ImageHello Elio Motors friends and followers and welcome to the new Elio Motors blog!   We are excited to start this new page to help us share everything Elio with you.  This is going to be our seventh tool for communicating all things Elio: our website (, Facebook, Twitter, The Elio Momentum newsletter, YouTube channel, and Instagram.  We hope that at least one of these cool tools will find a way into your daily life.

The work has begun on the new prototype, P4, and it is starting to take shape!  Over the next five weeks we will share the prototype process, pictures, and interviews with the key prototype team members.  We will also roll out some of the changes that you will see when the prototype vehicle hits the street in mid-January of 2014.  These are really fun times, it will be like a weekly holiday gift from us to you.

Making a one of a kind prototype is an amazing process and huge undertaking.  Almost every person on the Elio Team is involved in one way.  Marketing and Sales, Supplier Relations, Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and of course all of our supplier partners actively participate in the process.  The process takes months of preparation just to kick off, and that is when the work starts.   Our prototype partner, the guys in charge of making P4, is Technosports Creative.   They take all the plans, CAD Drawings, supplier parts, existing parts from donor vehicles, and a huge dose of experience and go!

You probably do not know Technosports Creative by name, but I am sure that you have seen some of their work.  Besides making the silver Elio (P3) that has been on tour around the country for the last 9 months, they have been part of a couple of major motion pictures also.  You may have seen the first one, Transformers 2, where they worked with DreamWorks to create all of those cool vehicles.  They have also recently worked with Team Detroit to make the vehicle for Need for Speed which is due out soon!  Additionally, they make prototypes and show cars for some major players in the automotive business.  Here are a couple of pictures “behind the wall” at Technosports Creative to help wet your whistle until next week.

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Check back every week to watch the prototype take shape!

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