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The Process

Happy Friday Elio’ers! How was your Super Bowl Sunday? The beauty of this unofficial holiday is that there is something for just about everybody to love. Dig football- you’re all in. A fan of savory snacks and belt-busting appetizers- check. A fan of music and extravagant stage shows- yep. To the surprise of many, this game ended up featuring the defenses of both teams and not the high-flying offenses. Congratulations to everyone in the New England area and kudos to the Patriots on another Super Bowl victory!

One team that came close to reaching the super bowl was the New Orleans Saints. Speaking of Louisiana it is our home manufacturing state, and our plant is an endless source of curiosity for fans of the Elio. As we continue to work on the next round of funding, this week’s blog is going to be from the archives and provides an inside look at how the Elio will be manufactured.


Part 1– Let’s start with an overview of our facility in Shreveport.

Part 2– Next, we take a look at the body shop of the plant.

Part 3– We now move on to the process the vehicle will undergo after it leaves the raw stamping phase.

Part 4– The vehicle is now ready to be painted, and the process is more involved than you might think.

Part 5– After the paint has been applied, the vehicle is transferred to a different building and we can add parts to the vehicle.

Part 6– At last, the vehicle is ready for final inspection before it heads out to meet a happy Elio owner.



Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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