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The Trunk – 9/26/14



Happy Friday Elio Friends and Family.  This is our first Friday of fall and all we can think about is taking our Elio for a fall spin next year!  How awesome would that be?  A nice spin through the northeastern USA in your Elio… beautiful!

Our topic this week is the trunk.  Normally, this is not a popular topic – you would be hard pressed to find an article about the trunk of say, a Camry – but like a lot of other things, we get a lot more interest here at Elio for everything!  This is still one of the most popular questions, especially when people see the P3 (the third prototype, the rocket silver). The trunk is a hidden benefit to the Elio in that most people don’t think there is one.  There is!  Here is a great look at the trunk from the rear of the vehicle looking through the trunk lid:


With the seat up, the trunk measures 14″ wide and 27″ long and about 10″ high.  This is perfect for an airline compliant carry on (United Airlines carry on size: 22″ x 14″ x 9″; American Airlines: 45″ – 22″x 14″x 9″).  This is also enough room for items like a briefcase, a toolbox, 4-5 plastic grocery bags from the supermarket, 50 dozen golf balls, 8 – one gallon milk jugs, 2 cases of water bottles, or about 800 of the new IPhone 6!  This is with the seat up and not using the rear seat.

When you drop the seat to expand the trunk, things can get fun!  This expands the length of the trunk are to around 47″, almost four feet!  There is also some additional height and width gained inside the passenger cabin.  With the seat down you can put golf clubs (the sales and marketing guy insisted on this… hmmm), blue prints, 100 ish golf umbrellas, a cello- maybe, other musical instruments, 95 – 500 card boxes of Elio handout cards to hand out to all the people that will stop you to ask about your new ride!  What a great way to share some Elio love!

We are sure that you will find thousands of other things that will fit in your Elio as you move about your lives.  Wait until you see what kind of creative ideas the rack and exterior storage guys are coming up with… you will have tons of space!



This week in the Elio Preview Tour:

September 25 – 27 – Las Vegas, NV – Barrett Jackson Auto Auction – Mandalay Bay – P3 show

October 3-5 – San Diego, CA – Miramar Air Show – P3 and P4 show


Thank you for your passion and continued support!

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