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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We know, we know, another Friday Blog, another mention of the World Cup. In our defense, it does happen to be the most globally viewed sporting event, with ratings that make the Super Bowl look like an infomercial. Believe it or not, the World Cup Final in 2014 had 1 billion viewers, compared to only 100 million for the Super Bowl! If you haven’t been paying attention, we’ll catch you up. There have been a handful of surprising events, like the defending champs from Germany being eliminated. The Round of 16 begins tomorrow with France taking on Argentina. If the World Cup still doesn’t interest you, mostly because of the United States’ absence, the most American of sports has an exciting event going on. The Oregon State Beavers played the Arkansas Razorbacks for the College World Series title last night and the Beavers emerged victorious.

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In terms of both problem solving and spearheading innovation, the practice of “thinking outside the box” is a tremendously valuable asset. Creative thinking often starts with asking a question that does not have an easy or obvious answer. Through our multiple communication channels, we receive tons of creative questions every day. In today’s blog, we’ll feature some of our favorite creative questions and give our best creative answer!

Why not model the Elio after a golf ball and place dimples into the body? Wouldn’t this improve gas mileage?

Our engineers look at every possible way to improve and optimize our gas mileage. There are, however, other considerations such as the aesthetics of the vehicle. At this stage, we do not plan on incorporating “dimples” into the body of the vehicle, but it’s definitely an interesting thought!

Can you add a miniature fourth tire to the rear of the Elio? This way you can be registered as a car.

This particular query comes in quite frequently, and it’s an interesting thought. There are several distinct advantages to not being registered as an automobile: less regulation, the ability to drive in the HOV lane, and cheaper insurance, just to name a few. In our case, 3 is actually greater than 4.

What if I bought two Elios and melded them into one? 6 wheels, 4 seats, 2 doors, and 1 Elio?

If you’re interested in two separate Elio’s, we completely endorse that plan. Past that, while absolutely creative, it’s nothing we condone and have a difficult time picturing.

How do you pronounce Elio?

As most of our day is spent talking about vehicle specs and other aspects of our business, this one is always fun. There have been some creative pronunciations of Elio, but the correct pronunciation is E-LEE-OH

We appreciate most every question we receive, especially the more creative questions. As always, have a fantastic weekend!


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