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This Stop – Charlotte!

Hello Elio’ers! We spent this weekend in Charlotte, NC at the Southpark Mall. This was our first time in the area and we definitely caused a commotion. A constant stream of Elio fans kept the tour team busy the entire weekend. See for yourself in this short video.
The Elio display at the Southpark Mall
We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have such supportive futureliowners. William, who spent both Friday and Saturday at the event, wrote a great letter about the tour team. It went a little something like this…”I attended the viewing of the Elio in Charlotte this last weekend. I was there Friday afternoon till the mall shut down at 9:30 that night. I also returned with several people on Saturday. You had an amazing group of team workers with the Elio… I saw that all of peoples questions were answered with a very professional attitude and answer… Keep up the great work… I am also glad to see the addition of the “autocycle” added in New Mexico. I am looking for this to happen in North Carolina…”William is referring to helmet legislation being worked on in the states that still require a helmet.

Here’s a map of where the Elio stands with helmet laws in the United States.

This was a hot topic at our tour stop since North Carolina is one of the five “red” states that remain, so we figured we’d provide an update on our progress. Legislation is being drafted to remove the helmets and motorcycle endorsement in North Carolina. It would also put “Autocycle” in definition, like New Mexico. Rep. John Torbett is the sponsor. Our VP of Governmental Affairs, Joel Sheltrown, has reviewed and approved the draft. The session starts January 28, 2015 so we won’t see much on this issue until then, when the bill is introduced.  If you feel so inclined, a note would be helpful and appropriate to send to Rep. Torbett thanking him for working on this issue and demonstrating your support. He can be reached at [email protected]  We will continue to update you on our progress in the ‘Media’ section of our website.
Next up –
P4December 12-14
Raleigh, NC
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