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This Stop – Portland!

Welcome Elio’ers! This is our brand new tour blog. We’ll update this weekly to give you behind-the-scene access to all of our stops.  This blog will move to and be hosted on our website in the coming weeks.  

First Up – Portland!
We started our trip last weekend with our friend Lars Larson.  We met him around this time last year when he interviewed our VP of Sales Jerome Vassallo on his radio show. Lars loved the idea behind our American startup and the potential impact we could have, so he made a reservation. We stopped by this time around to give his show a progress update and put him behind the wheel of the P4. Listen to the latest segment on the Lars Larson show here.

Lars taking the P4 out for a spin around Portland
The rest of the weekend we spent at Washington Square Mall with #futureliowners, fans of the project and mall goers that were hearing of Elio for the first time.  The reactions of those just hearing about us are all pretty much the same. First, a bit of surprise that there are only three wheels and then, “Wait it’s only $6800? That’s six thousand eight hundred dollars right?? And it gets how many miles per gallon? 84?! Can I buy one today??” We had a great turnout. Mall security even had to get involved because the line to sit inside the P4 was pouring into the walkways. It’s safe to say the other mall vendors are happy we were only there for one weekend.  Take a look at some of the pictures from the event…
Click here for our full Portland Facebook album.

Since this is a new blog and our tour has been on the road for a while, here are a few recap videos to catch you up.

Internet Week New York



Freedom Fair – Tacoma, WA

Be sure to follow our blog to get all of our updates. We’ll talk to you next week!

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