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This Stop – The Motor City!

Hey Elio’ers, this week’s tour update is about our stop in The Motor City! This one was a lot of fun. To be in the city where it all began and know where the Elio is headed, was a powerful feeling to say the least. On top of that, over 100 of our supplier partners, many of which have a base in the Detroit area, were able to hang out with our team and experience the P4.

We started the trip with a media day, where Paul was was able to share the Elio Motors story. One of those interviews was with the Associated Press.  Over 300 stories “coast to coast” came from this interview. Here is just a sampling: ABC News, Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune. Find the links to these articles on

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without taking some time to capture a bit of Detroit history with the Elio. So we hopped in, tandem style of course, and took to Downtown. It just so happened that we got there right when a Tigers game ended so the crowds, and traffic, were out of control. It worked out well for us because fans saw the Elio on the street and swarmed. Neil, who was driving at the time, handed out promo cards on BOTH sides (an awesome perk) and shouted “84 MPG, $6,800,!” to all of those who were asking. Besides our spontaneous marketing efforts, we were able to get some pretty spectacular shots. Take a look…
The main event was the Woodward Dream Cruise. It’s a world famous event that draws 30,000 classic cars and over 1.5 million people to the area! As much as the crowd enjoyed watching the classics roll down the street, they also loved the glimpse into the future they had with our three-wheeler. The Elio was surrounded the entire time, having up to a half an hour wait to sit behind the wheel. The brief wait was well worth it. Paul was in attendance, talking to #futureliowners, touring them around the prototype, sharing his story and hearing theirs. It’s not every day that a company founder is on-hand to speak with the fans and hear opinions directly.  We also had some supplier partners in attendance, including Kody Klindt, Project Development Director/Powertrain System for our supplier partner IAV. Kody spent all day in front of the engine model and answered all questions.  Some Tour Team members may have snuck a few questions in there too!  Here are some pictures from the event.
Next stop: Denver, CO, Aug 29-31. Stay tuned for details!

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