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This Stop – Tucson!

Hello Elio’ers! Last weekend the tour team traveled down to Southern Arizona for an event at the Tucson Mall. As usual, the crowd did not disappoint.  When we arrived and before the stores were even open, we had a crew of about twenty people waiting for us to remove the car cover. Since Arizona is our company headquarters, some of the first few reservation holders are here.  Take for instance motorcycle enthusiast, Gail, who proudly holds the #172 spot! When she heard of the new three-wheeler, which will provide a safer option than her bike, she wanted in right away.

Reservation holder #172 Gail and Vice President of Sales Jerome Vassallo
Elio at the Tucson Mall

We made time to cruise around Tucson for photo and video purposes. So many cars sped up to drive alongside the Elio, trying to figure us out.  It was great to help spread the word, but virtually impossible to get a shot of the Elio by itself!  We managed, though…

Next up –
January 27 – February 1 (P4 showing)
WM Phoenix Open Golf Tournament (under the tent at the entrance)
17020 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
8am – 5pmCheck back often on our website to see our schedule and any updates including changes: Elio Tour Schedule

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