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The Human Touch

There has been a long-held belief that many jobs will become obsolete and workers unemployed due to the advent of robotics. According to Gizmodo, “Each additional robot in the US economy reduces employment by 5.6 workers, and every robot that is added to the workforce per 1,000 human workers causes wages to drop by as much as 0.25 to 0.5 percent.”

There is hope and evidence, however, that the human touch is still required in the automotive industry. Automotive News has found that automakers that have attempted to largely remove humans from the assembly line are floundering, while those that continue to employ human beings are enjoying enduring success. One reason human workers are superior, according to the article, is their intelligence and dexterity. For example, an experienced employee can use both hands to place bolts in difficult areas, and through their expertise improvise if need be. While robots on the assembly line may be the future, American workers don’t plan on going anywhere.


While Elio Motors will be using robots in our plant, just like every other automaker, we are committed to creating American jobs and will be utilizing the experienced workforce in Shreveport to produce the best possible vehicle.

Safe as Steel

According to a recent Wired article, vehicles are infinitely safer today than they were just 20 years ago. When considering the reasons for increased safety, Popular Mechanics believes it all starts with steel. “Considering all of the rapid developments we’ve seen with electronic safety systems in recent years, it’s perhaps counterintuitive that some of the biggest safety improvements in the past decade have come from good old-fashioned steel.” Contrary to popular opinion, utilizing steel can actually make a vehicle lighter while making it safer. For the Elio, we will be using a steel frame, which cuts down on weight while also making our vehicle safer.

Getting Better All the Time

Speaking of recent improvements, it was not long ago that a new vehicle’s reliability involved a degree of uncertainty. That trend has been largely reversed and new vehicles are now more reliable than ever before. Per NBC News “The quality of the typical new vehicle being sold in the U.S. this year is better than ever, according to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates, with improvements coming at a near-record pace.” Today’s new vehicles are much more affordable to maintain than the new vehicles of past generations.


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