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Tire Talk and an Upcoming Event

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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Football season is over, but the other three major sports are in exciting stages. As far as baseball is concerned, the season is just beginning and every team has a chance. For the NBA and NHL, the marathon of the regular season has produced exciting first round matchups. There are other sports that can make up for the lack of football. The Masters took place last month and we’re entering peak golf weather. The Indy 500 is a little more than a month away, but automotive enthusiasts find a way to fill the calendar with electrifying events.

One of the most interesting aspects of an auto race is the pit stop. Sure, the vehicle needs gas, but the changing of the tires is fascinating. In a matter of seconds, a team is able to work together and provide the vehicle with the proper tires and in the blink of an eye, the vehicle is back to cruising around the track. In this week’s Momentum we took a look at the tires we will be using on the Elio, which will be supplied by Continental Tire. As our followers are an inquisitive group, we received many fantastic follow-up questions about the tires and other tire-related questions. So, let’s answer the most common questions!



Will I be able to add a spare tire as an option?

Just like most of our options, if there is enough demand from Elio owners, there is a good chance that we will offer a spare tire as an option. If we don’t offer it as an aftersale option from Elio Motors the automotive aftermarket can step in and provide!

Will replacement tires be readily available?

Yes. The tires for the Elio are not currently made in the USA, but Continental Tire has agreed to manufacture the Elio tire in Sumter, South Carolina. Elio owners will have no problems finding the correct tires.

Will snow tires be available?

The Continental ProContact GX tires we will be using are designed to drive in every weather condition. But, we realize that snow is an issue in many parts of the country. Our engineers are working on a winter package solution, which may include snow tires or other viable traction options. These details will be available before we get into production. As a front wheel drive vehicle, the Elio can handle normal winter weather as well as most front wheel drive sedans on the road. The Elio will handle just fine in moderate snow conditions, but it won’t replace your 4WD tank.





Before we leave you for the weekend, we wanted to give our Michigan and surrounding area supporters a heads up. We have a single afternoon break n the schedule for the E1c and will be showing in a “Pop Up” tour stop somewhere in the Detroit metro area on Wednesday, April 26th mid-afternoon for 4 hours or so. The details are still being hammered out, but if you want to see how you fit, kick the tires, and talk to some awesome Elio Motors folks, come and see us on Wednesday. Once we have the final details ironed out, we’ll post them here and through social media.

Thanks for your support!


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