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Tis the season…

Happy Holidays Elio land!  We hope that this week finds you surrounded by people that you love (or at least like).  The Elio prototype team is still motoring along working on the next version and things are right on schedule.  Let’s get to the prototype!

The prototype continues to take shape and is on schedule to be revealed at the Sundance Film Festival in January.  The team is making great progress on the chassis and frame and has begun adding the next level of parts.  Here are a couple of in-process pictures from the prototype build site at Technosports Creative. (Click on the pictures to make them larger)

8-DSC07993 11-DSC08005 14-DSC08061

This first picture is of the reinforced steel frame at the front of the passenger compartment.  The center photo is the passenger compartment again, this time with the steering column and steering wheel in place.  The final picture is of the rear of the Elio and shows what is under the rear wheel cover.

Judging on the emails and comments that we have received there is a lot of excitement over the changes to prototype 4 (P4) out there!  The comments range from “Please please please show us the changes” to “OK, it’s Christmas and I NEED to see the new body”.  Love the enthusiasm so here you go!

As most of you are aware, there are four main drivers for our company when it comes to the vehicle:  $6,800, 84 mpg highway, anticipated five star safety rating, and made in America.  These four “musts” drive our decisions when it comes to the vehicle.  Once we know that the vehicle is safe with the reinforced steel roll cage and crush zones and that our aerodynamic numbers are where they need to be, that is when the fun begins!  Our styling gurus work with the aerodynamics engineers to develop the look and style of the body while maintaining the numbers side of the project.  The process really runs simultaneously as everyone is focused on the cool styling and the four musts as we make the improvements.

So, for the first time publicly, here are two CAD drawings of the Elio P4!


The front view:  There are a couple of changes that you may notice from this view that many of you have asked about and requested over the last 8 months.  The headlights are now in boarded and are part of the front of the body.  This obviously has great benefits from an aerodynamics standpoint and the styling is improved as well!  The other change that you may have noticed is the fender on the front wheels has been expanded and made to be more aerodynamic.  This area was very “noisy” when it comes to aerodynamics and the new style makes it much more “slippery” and helps us get to the 84 mpg highway.  Additionally the front suspension has been modified to make that more aerodynamic as well.


The side view:  The changes can been seen again from this view and you can see the great lines at the front of the vehicle too!  For those of you that have not seen the front windshield wiper and don’t believe that it has one, here it is…  click on the picture to make it larger

Please check back in next Friday for the next installment of “P4 – the blog!”

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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