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Top 3 Questions Answered 12/12/14

Happy Friday Elio friends and family. Only 12 shopping days left, even less before the start of Hanukkah, I hope you are ahead of me in your shopping preparedness! Remember the Elio Motors Holiday Promotion that we have running now – rated the number one* holiday gift in America for 2014.

This week we are going to answer the top questions that have come to us over the last month and a half through the website.  A side note, the new FAQ and support has a ton of answers for you too, check it out! The first question ties in nicely to your holiday shopping needs…


  • When do we get the printable Elio Holiday Card with my Holiday Promotion reservation?

Today!  The printable holiday cards will be emailed to you tonight, and again next week for reservations made after Sunday, December 7th.  We will also do a final mailing on the morning of December 24th to help out the last minute shoppers among us. For those of you that may not know exactly what we are talking about, as part of the Holiday Promotion we send out a printable Holiday card for people to give to the lucky person they bought a reservation for.  This gives the gift recipient a card now for the holiday and the Limited Edition Holiday T-shirt and bumper sticker next month.  A double gift giving opportunity!

  • Can I do my own maintenance on the Elio?  Can I change the oil by myself?

The answer is, a qualified, yes. The Elio will be just like most cars on the road today and even more accessible. The reason for the qualification is that you will still have to have mechanical skills… If you do, it will be a piece of cake or you can choose to have Pep Boys, Elio Motors Official Service Center, take care of that for you.


  • I have a refundable reservation and want to get the t-shirt and on the better list, how can I do that?

We have talked about this a couple of times and understand that it can be a little confusing. We have made it a simple process with a one page form that you can open, print and scan back to us.  Find that form here.

A couple of notes on this topic: Refundable reservations are not able to be upgraded, only All In reservations are able to upgrade.  If you have a refundable reservation and make an All In upgrade without changing your original reservation, they will not get combined.  You will need to fill out the form to convert your original reservation to All In and we will then combine them for you.

Additionally, you can only upgrade in the set increments as outlined on the website.  From $100 All In you can go to $500 All In and $1000 All In.  From $250 All In you can upgrade to $1000 All In and from $500 All In you can upgrade to $1000 All In.  These are the only ways to make your reservation upgrade work.  The system will not add up reservations to make $1000, so if you have two $100 reservations, and two $100 to $500 upgrades that gets you to two $500 reservations, not a single $1000.

If you have any questions about your reservation, please email us at [email protected] and we can fix it to get exactly what you intended.


This week on The Elio Preview Tour:

December 12-14 – Raleigh, North Carolina, Triangle Town Center, mall hours – P4 show

December 19-21 – Richmond, VA – Area Mall – Mall Hours – P4 show


Thank you for your continued support!


*non-scientific poll, taken at our Thanksgiving dinner table

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