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Top 3 Website FAQ’s – 7/25/14

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Happy Friday Elio’ers, what a beautiful week to be part of the Elio revolution!  This week we are going to cover the most popular questions that have come in through the website.  We are taking care to not repeat questions that we have answered previously.  To see those, check out our blog from May 30, 2014.

Let’s dive in:

  • How are you able to get such great gas mileage?

The key to our gas mileage is really the three main variables that determine everyone’s gas mileage eventually: weight, power and aerodynamics.    The weight of the Elio is less than other vehicles on the road.  The target for the production model is 1250 lbs.  That gives us an advantage over many vehicles.  Secondly, the engine is built specifically for our vehicle.  The Elio/IAV engine will be built with the perfect combination of horsepower and torque to get us to the 84 MPG highway target. And finally, the big piece, aerodynamics.  When you are at highway speeds the biggest force you face is the movement of air away from the front of the vehicle.   So, your gas goes to moving that air away from the front of the vehicle and getting you to where you want to go.  Our Elio is half as wide as most vehicles on the road today, so the math is simple, less frontal area to move, the less energy it takes to move the air in front of the vehicle.  In this case, half is twice as good!


  • Why not make Elio a hybrid or electric vehicle?

This is also a common question everywhere we go.  We chose to start our company with a gas powered engine for a number of reasons.  First, internal combustion engines (ICE) are a proven technology. Simply stated, they work. The most difficult part of many start-ups to overcome is developing new technology and burning money while you perfect that new technology.  We want to get this incredible concept to market as quickly as possible, so the ICE engine is the right step.

Also, there are people that know how to fix them, tweak them, and an existing network to provide fuel.  The service and warranty work for the Elio will be done by our service partner Pep Boys who already has over 800 locations around the country.  They are experts in the IC engines and today’s vehicle technology which lowers the learning curve significantly.  Gas powered is the right start for us.  We believe, though, that our open platform will be fantastic for other power plants in the future!

  • Can I get a sunroof/moon roof/back up camera/etc.?

The short answer is yes.  We anticipate having as many options as you can think of; almost anything that can be found on an existing car or motorcycle today.  Many of these options will be available through the Elio After-Sale program.   The After-Sale program allows you to get creative on what you want on your Elio that can either be installed when you first buy your Elio, or at any time in the future by simply ordering and installing it (or having us do it for you).  We also expect there to be a significant aftermarket product offering.  The motto for the aftermarket is if there is demand, there will be supply.  So, your imagination and the imagination of others will determine what will be available for the Elio!


This week on The Preview Tour:

July 25- 27, 2014:  San Diego – Comic-Con – between the convention center and the marina on the boardwalk; Daily until 5:30pm – P3 and P4 show

Next Week:

July 31th – August 2:  Reno, NV – Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, Show Hours – P4 show Thursday, P3 Friday and Saturday


Thanks for your continued support!

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