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Top Questions Answered 5-30-14


Happy Friday Elio family and friends!  We trust that you have had a great week and are ready for summer fun to hit full stride, we know that we are.  This week we are going through the top questions from the last month that came through our website inquiry emails.  Some of these may be a repeat from the Comments or Readers Choice blogs, but know that they come up all the time and recently too.  We have a lot of new fans, partly because you are all doing such a good job sharing the Elio vision and partly because of the great coverage we continue to receive.  So here we go, in no particular order:

How durable will the Elio be?

  • We are building the Elio to have very good service life, similar to small cars on the road today, even with the ultra-low price point, so don’t let that fool you.   We are using off the shelf components, (from our blue-chip suppliers, click here) where we can, which have been proven in real life situations to last and work well.   Many of these parts are designed for larger vehicles and very high mileage which will suite our Elio well. We are using the millions of miles these parts have logged to make sure that the Elio comes out gate with fantastic quality.  If you take care of your Elio, your Elio will take care of you!

How many can fit in the Elio? Does the Elio seat one?  Are there plans to make a 2-seater?

  • The Elio seats two, in tandem.  As new folks discover Elio Motors and view the Elio online they can’t envision how large the Elio actually is in the flesh.  The interior space is designed for 2 good size people (6′ 1″, 220 lbs.) to fit at the same time.  So, yes, 2 seats.  The rear seat will come with LATCH child safety seat anchors too.

Can I get an automatic transmission, and if so how much?

  • Yes, automatic will be an optional transmission available to you when you buy your Elio.  The price is not finalized and will be available in advance of us making the first Elio next year (along with the prices for other options).  As most people know, historically automatic transmissions have been expensive.  We are very aware that keeping this cost low is important for our customers and are very close to an agreement that be in line with the Elio value proposition  Stay tuned!

What is the top speed/0-60/quarter-mile?

  • This is a question that we get all the time and will be moved to a more prominent spot on the website.  0-60 in around 9.6 seconds, top speed over 105 mph.  We haven’t looked at the quarter-mile time yet, but we will definitely be able to get you up to highway speeds.

What is the Elio body made of, will it rust?

  • The body of the Elio is made from SMC (sheet molded composite) which should not rust.  The SMC material is used in many military applications (transporting bombs and such) that has really been tested for durability. This material is also used for the Corvette, and the Elio!

When will you stop taking reservations?

  • We plan on taking reservations up until we hit our first years’ production volume.  We will communicate to everyone as the program is nearing the end so no one will be left behind.  Our question back to you… what are you waiting for?  Every day that you wait you fall that much farther down the list, so let’s go!


Upcoming Preview Tour stops:

This weekend!!  May 30th – June 1:  Stamford CT at the Stamford Town Center.  The hours are Friday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm; and Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

June 6 – June 8:  Boston, MA in an area mall.  We will be there mall hours Friday through Sunday

June 13 – June 15:  Chicago Area – Times and Locations TBA soon

June 21 – June 22:  Columbus OH, in an area mall.  We will be there mall hours Saturday and Sunday


Thanks as always for your continued support.

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