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We’ve Got Your Favorite System Covered


Happy Friday Elio’ers! What do you think of when you think of a system? Don’t worry, this isn’t a pop quiz and there is no right answer. Immune and nervous systems are among the most famous systems. For our math enthusiasts, you probably instantly think of the systems of linear equations. Audiophiles will be ready for a heated debate on the best sound system. Fans of heavy metal will be quick on the draw to bring up the band System of a Down. The truth is any parts that work together to make a single cohesive unit can be considered a system. This week’s Momentum covered the hardware of the Elio’s brakes and the fact that it makes up a key component of the Elio Safety Management System. We heard from folks wanting to know, what is the Elio Safety Management System. So, let’s take a look!

The Elio won’t be the largest vehicle on the road but it is engineered to the highest safety standards. In the case of the Elio, bigger isn’t necessarily better because of the Elio Safety Management System (ESMS). Like all other systems, the ESMS is a collection that works to keep Elio driver’s safe.

Let’s take a look at the parts that make up the ESMS

Brakes: As we mentioned, this week’s Momentum featured the hardware that makes up one-half of the Elio braking system. The Elio has disc brakes on all three wheels, as well as ABS. Once you’re rolling along in your Elio, you won’t have any issues coming to a stop. You won’t have to stop at a gas station often, but when you need to, stopping won’t be an issue.

Airbags: The Elio has three airbags, one in the steering wheel and two side curtain, which protect both the driver and the passenger. Simple, but important.


Seatbelts: While the Elio might be classified as a motorcycle (don’t worry, no helmet needed) and not necessarily require them, it will come standard with a seat belt for both occupants. Bonus: the rear seat will be equipped with the LATCH system for securing car seats also.


Body: The body of the Elio is a unibody construction, allowing for us to “tune” the body for safety and manage the crush zones more effectively. Not only is a unibody safe, it also makes the vehicle lighter and less expensive to manufacture. Triple win!

Traction and Stability Control: Both of these features make sure that you can cruise down the road just like a four-wheel vehicle. The Elio is a front wheel drive vehicle, and traction and stability control ensure that you’ll be able to drive through snow and mud just like any other car.

The Elio sports great gas mileage and unbeatable price. And, we’re going to build it right here in the US, in Shreveport. But, safety (the Elio Safety Management System) is the linchpin that holds the project together. When Elio owners leave their driveways and head down the road, they can have the peace of mind that only safety can give.

As always, thanks for your support and have a systematically marvelous weekend!

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