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What Color is your Elio?

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Spring is in the air, colors are changing back to the green of summer around the country. Flowers are even coming up in some parts with some of them covered in a light dusting of snow! The changing of the colors from “drab to fab” leads us to this weeks blog topic, What Color is your Elio?



Have you decided what color you want your Elio to be yet? We have made your initial choice as easy as we can by offering the Elio in seven colors: True Blue, Marshmallow, Red Hot, Rocket Silver, Sour Apple, Licorice and Creamsicle.

Why did we pick those colors and why only seven? The answer is relatively easy for why those seven colors: coverage. The seven colors of Elio represent 94% of car sales in the US. That’s right, seven colors cover 94 of 100 of the vehicles that you buy in a given year. That is tremendous coverage of the colors we choose today for our vehicles while keeping to our mission of simple and efficient.

The “why only seven colors” is deeper than the comprehensive coverage. Seven colors fits a core belief of Elio motors: controlling costs. We can keep our costs down by having seven colors and two transmission options for a total of 14 vehicles that you can order (remember options are installed after sale). Less parts to stock, less inventory to stock and manage equals better availability and less cost to you.

This is where you will start thinking, and maybe even saying out loud, “What about _____!” We have heard and read about other colors that you think the Elio would look great in, and we agree. The most popular color request is yellow followed closely by purple then pink. We have also had a lot of other suggestions – purple top, gold bottom (most always accompanied by “Geaux Tigers!”), primer, North Carolina Blue and a host of others.

We expect to see all those colors and more once the Elio hits the streets and we can’t wait! Those colors (and more designs) will have to come after you choose your base Elio color from the seven and take it somewhere to make it your own. There are many options from painting to full body decals that we are sure you will take advantage of when the time is right. There are some great designs out there, here is one from huge Elio supporter Silas:


Great work Silas, thank you. The creative options are infinite when it comes to your Elio, what color is your Elio?

The Elio Preview Tour:

April 3-12, New York City for the New York Auto Show, Jacob Javitz Center; show hours; this is a P4 show

Thanks for your continued support!

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