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What is P to E?



Happy Friday Elio’ers! When does a “P” change to an “E”? This isn’t a play on our founder’s name, Paul Elio, nor is this one of those high school “new math” questions that you have to solve. “P” to “E” is more about progress. It is also Elio Motors continuing our mission to keep you in the loop as to what we are doing and sharing the inside scoop about the process of bringing a new vehicle to market. Oh, and before we forget, the answer is: “P” is for prototype vehicles, like P4 and P5, moving to “E” for engineering vehicles, like E1, E2.

Simple yet significant.

Let’s start out with the “P” for prototype. We have completed four prototypes to date, with one more in the works that we affectionately call P5. Prototype vehicles are handmade, one-off vehicles that are “generational” in nature. Generational in that each one has changes, some small changes, some big, and each is an improvement over the last.


P3 receiving attention in Las Vegas

The prototypes we have completed are marketing vehicles and are considered “design intent.” Each one better than the last as we discover areas that can help us achieve our 4 musts, improve the driving and riding experience and/or the styling.  The P’s really helped prove the concept of the vehicle. It also proved that the vehicle is real and will make a huge difference in our country and the world. To see the proof yourself, visit us at one of our tour stops to experience Elio for yourself and see what people say and see how they react when they first see and touch the Elio.

Over the last several weeks you have heard us refer to the next step as P6-P30. In reality, and from this point forward, these vehicles will be called “E1” vehicles. Calling these vehicle “E1” will be a difficult transition for many of us that have experienced the growth of the P series vehicles, but moving to the “E” vehicles is an important step in our progress.

P4- in Licorice

P4- in Licorice

So what does the “E” stand for in “E1”? Engineering. This next set of vehicles, “E” vehicles, will be engineering vehicles, and will consist of the same 25 or so vehicles we spoke of before (P6-P30). The “E1” vehicles will be different in many ways that we will get deeper into in future blogs. There are a couple of differences that answer some recent questions from our fans though. Here are two:

The “E” vehicles will not be made in succession like the “P” vehicles, they will be made essentially at the same time. This will significantly shorten the timeline versus making 25 vehicles one after the other.

The parts will move to standardization in the “E” vehicles. The “P” vehicles were handmade, the team created or borrowed a significant amount of parts for those vehicles. The “E” vehicles will use significantly more parts from our supplier partners with those parts ultimately resulting in the final production vehicle.

There is a lot to share about the “E1” vehicles over the coming months, we are glad to have you on the journey with us.


P5 CAD Rendering

This week in the Elio Preview Tour:

August 1-2 – Seattle Washington – Museum of Flight; Jet Blast Bash; East Parking Lot next to the Blue Angels; Sat & Sun 9 am-5 pm

August 3 – Portland, OR – check website for details

Thank you for your continued support.

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