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What is the Elio like to drive? 11-21-14

Happy Friday Elio friends, family and fans!  Hope you are staying warm through this polar vortex/Artic surge/”Oh My! It is only November!” blast of cold that most of the US has endured this week.  Our Tour Team got to experience the coldest day in Jacksonville Florida in over 141 years!  So much for the “winter in the south” for the tour team…

Hope all of our Elio’ers in Buffalo and upstate NY are making it through the huge snow they are experiencing this week.  WOW, some areas are getting drifts up to ten feet.  Ten feet of snow over a couple of days is incredible.  Stay warm.  Oh, and for those of you that are wondering about how the Elio handles in that type of snow… it doesn’t. Nothing does. Stay home. Once the plows work their magic the Elio will be free to roam!

This leads us to the blog for this week: how does the Elio drive?  The question comes up all the time whether it is at a tour stop, email or phone calls. The first word that always comes to mind is “Great!” so we want to share some of the thoughts from people that have been lucky enough to drive at least one of the prototypes.  We will use quotes pulled from different people that have driven the Elio in hopes of finding the right words that will resonate with your senses.


What is your first impression upon getting in to the Elio?

The first thing that jumps out at you is the spaciousness of the driver’s area.  Being in the center of the vehicle allows for equal space on both sides of your body.  Additionally, the vision out the front and sides gives you a wide look at the road and surrounding areas.  A couple of quotes:

  • “I am a big guy and can’t believe that I fit!  I have tons of room on each side.  I could even move the seat up a click or two and still have room for these legs.”
  • “It feels just like my Acura, everything is right here, easily in reach.  I love the view, you can see everything, this is nicer in here than I thought it would be!”
  • “So much headroom, I could wear my hat in here without a problem, and I am 6’3″!”

The first impression is a good one: lots of room, the controls are just like every car on the road, you can see the world around you easily and it is built for all types and sizes of people.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 5.51.17 PM

And… so what is it like to drive?

When the lucky people that have had the chance to drive the Elio first start the vehicle, you can see a mix of emotions on their face:  The eyes are usually as large as saucers, there is a nervous laugh..  You can almost read their mind: What am I doing?  This is cool! Why is everyone staring at me? I hope I drive well. This is cool!

Most start out going very slowly, getting a feel for the control and swiveling their head from side to side taking in the view. We are OK with the slow and careful part, this is our baby and we treat it better than we treat ourselves.  Plus, it is a hand built prototype which costs a lot more than the production vehicle will.  Here are some quotes:

  • “When I first took off, I was worried about the front wheels and not hitting a curb or someone else hitting them.  That lasted about 4 minutes and I didn’t think about them again.  It is just like my car, you have a great feel for where the wheels sit, they’re close enough to the body to not have to worry about other drivers.”
  • “I expected this to be different, but it is, in a good way!  So fun, easy to drive and so sporty… way better than I thought.”
  • “Driving in the middle of the road is awesome!  I feel like a fighter pilot flying the road.  So much more natural to drive from the center of the lane.  Handles just like my car, very stable.”
  • “It feels just like a small car, no unexpected movements, handles great, I didn’t even think about it having three wheels versus four.”
  • “Way better than I expected, how fun!  Drives like a small sports car – tight handling, good feel for the road and I have never been so popular at stop lights!”

The summary is that it handles like a front wheel drive car, sporty, easy to drive – just like your car today, and more fun!  We have all heard that in life nothing is a given.  But we finally found one.  We have learned that it is near impossible to drive the Elio and not get the “Elio Grin”.  Every time.  Every person, from engineers to reporters to investor types, regardless of age, gender or their mood that day, all get the “Elio Grin” when they are done with their drive.  It is a given.

Soon you will get to experience the “Elio Grin” for yourself.

This week in the Preview Tour:

November 21-23 – Jacksonville, Florida – The Avenues Mall; Today until 9 pm, Saturday 10 am to 9 pm, and Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm.  P4 show

December 5-7 – Charlotte, North Carolina – SouthPark Mall – Mall Hours – P4 show


Thank you for your continued support!

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