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Wheel Fairings Answers!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Today is a very special Friday. Not only is it Friday (our favorite day of the week,) but it is also St. Patrick’s Day. The cherry on top is the full slate of basketball games in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully, at this point your bracket is still in relatively good shape. Yesterday did not provide many stunning upsets, so if you went with the favorites your bracket should be intact. Even if you’re not the biggest basketball fan in the world, you have to admit that there’s something special about March Madness.



This week’s blog has some quick answers to questions that you sent in from Wednesday’s Momentum…

How much effect do the wheel fairings have on the aerodynamics of the vehicle?

Great question! As you probably know, there are quite a few factors that influence our fuel efficiency. Our efficient engine, configuration, weight, and sleek design are all major contributing factors. The standard wheel fairings are a key component as well. The standard equipment wheel fairing covers have a positive impact of +/- 5% additional MPG over “naked” wheels.


I really like the retro fenders on the configurator- what effect will they have on the gas mileage?

Given the answer above, the retro fenders will impact the vehicle’s total efficiency in the 0-5% range. The final number will depend on the ultimate design of the retro fenders. We will have a ton of information on all of our available options as we get closer to production, so make sure to check back as we get closer.

As always, thanks for your continued support!



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