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Where are the Elio Reservation Holders? 8/22/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  What a great week we had, especially in the area of media coverage! We had the Associated Press (AP) stop by last week and do an interview with Paul Elio and also spend some time with the Elio.  AP wrote a great piece and really opened the flood gates around the country for more people to learn about us!  We have been featured in over 500 websites, blogs, papers, and on tons of TV news stations as well as an interview with Paul on FOX Business Wednesday afternoon!  The coverage has hit every corner of the country and has really created a palpable buzz about Elio Motors.


One of the great byproducts of this fantastic media coverage is more people find us for the first time, and love what they see of course!  Oh, and they make reservations – love at first sight!  That got us thinking about where all of our Elio reservation holders come from and what that looks like.  We often look at it from a marketing standpoint but we haven’t shared it with you yet!  Well, spoiler alert, we are working on the next generation of our website and there will be a section that we share some other information about reservations and  a lot of other cool to know items.

So, as a sneak peak, here is a weighted look at the reservation holders by state to date.



The shading of the states give you an idea of the size of the reservation holders (number of reservations, not physical size..) in that state.  A couple of interesting reservation facts:

  • We have reservation holders in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam
  • The lowest number of reservations in any state is more than 35 reservations and the largest has almost 3,000.

It is interesting to see how the states match up with the population of the USA isn’t it?  That tells us that it doesn’t matter where you live, North, South, East or West, people see that the Elio fits their life and they want to be part of something revolutionary!

We may share a few more details about reservation holders on the website, so make sure you check back frequently to !

Next week on the Preview Tour:

Here we come Colorado!  We will be at the Flat Iron Crossing Mall 1 Flatiron Crossing Drive, Broomfield, CO.   August 29-31 from 10am -9pm Friday and Saturday and 11am to 6pm on Sunday.  The creamsicle P4 show

Then, on Monday September 1, we will be at Taste of Colorado from 10:30am to 8pm – p4 show

Thanks for your continued support and spreading the Elio word!

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