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Where are the Elio Reservation Holders?


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Hope everyone enjoyed your “short” work week… even though every time it happens it feels more like cramming six days of work into four. Thank goodness we love what we are doing.

One of the main reason for that feeling is you, our reservation holders. It takes a special person to see a great project like Elio and not only  understand how it can change his/her life, but how it can help change our country. Elio is a huge project, there is no way around that. It has taken us longer than we expected (and wanted) to get where we are today, but that doesn’t diminish our desire and will to make Elio Motors a reality. We have hit many important milestones over the last year and a half and are making important gains in funding, vehicle development and other important development areas. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Speaking of reservation holders and future reservation holders, we get a lot of emails from our loyal followers asking questions like: “Am I the first one in (your state here)? or “am I the first one in (your city here)? We also get questions like how many are in my state? and other similar topics.

The first question – Am I the first one in my state – is easy, if you made a reservation in the first month of the reservation program or so, you might have been the first one in your state. If you are making your reservation today…uh, not so much first in your state, you might be number 4,800. We have reservations in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. There is even a reservation (or five) in Guam.

The important point is not that you are first, it is that you are on the list and part of the revolution.

Take A look at the map below to get an idea of the state by state reservation distribution:


As you can see, we have the entire map covered. The deeper the color, the more reservation holders reside in those states. The lightest shade of green (almost white) are the states with the fewest reservations, with the lowest one having at least 60 reservations. I know what you are thinking, and to save you from losing sleep tonight here is a hint to determine the state with the fewest reservations: Wy, o Wy are we in last place? This is a call to action of sorts. You are not too far from passing a couple of states above you, WY don’t you round up some friends and make it happen!

Here are some stats for you to noodle over:

  • California is our largest reservation state with over 4,500 reservations. Texas and Florida make up the Top 3.
  • We cover all corners with Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Florida.
  • As most of you are aware, we have over 42,850 reservations. Think about that number for a second…
    • That is more than 207 squared (207 x 207).
    • We have more reservations than the population of thousands of cities and towns across the US including:
      • Midland, MI – Home of many reservation holders and the world headquarters of Dow Corning and Dow Chemical.
      • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – Beautiful place to live in southern California.
      • Warren, OH – Home of Neil Armstrong and many NFL football players past and present.
    • If you could get all of our reservation holders we would fill Wrigley Field and then some (41,072 plus standing room).
    • Same goes for the infamous Fenway Park in Boston, they only hold 37,673.
    • We could fill Madison Square Garden, two and half times.
  • During the Revolutionary war, the US averaged 40,000 soldiers in battle.

Americans fight for what they want, especially when winning means making things better for our country. That fight is still alive, this time it is to stay on top.

The Elio Preview Tour:

May 29 – 31:  Minneapolis, MN – Southdale Center – Edina, MN; Today: 10am-9pm; Sat: 10am-9pm; Sun: 11am-6pm

June 5 – 7:  Cedar Rapids, IA – Lindale Mall, 4444 1st Ave NE; Fri: 10am-9pm Sat: 10am-9pm; Sun: 11am-6pm

Thanks for your continued support!

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