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Where are the reservation holders after 65,000 reservations?

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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Tomorrow should be a great day for sports fans and pranksters alike. We have the beginning of the Final Four (Gonzaga vs South Carolina and Oregon vs North Carolina) and April Fool’s Day. Even if your bracket is completely busted, these two matchups should provide an entertaining day of basketball. Remember tomorrow to be weary of dubious news stories and look twice before you sit down. Also, the start of April should mean warm (though occasionally wet) weather. Hopefully you can stow away the snow shovel for good!

There has been quite a bit of curiosity from our reservation holders about the states with the most reservation holders, some may even call it a competition of sorts. Supporters often want to know how many reservation holders are in their area. We thought that since we have recently passed the 65,000 reservations, this would be a good time to put together a map showing reservation holder density across the country!

So, without further ado:





As you probably figured, the darker green shades are the most densely populated Elio states.

Here are the top 10 states in descending order (can you hear the drumroll?):

10: Pennsylvania

9: Georgia

8: Michigan

7: Ohio

6: New York

5: Washington

4: Arizona

3: Florida

2: Texas

1: California

All of the states in the top 10 have over 2,000 reservations. California is in the lead with almost 7,500 reservations! Our home state of Arizona, while not the most populous state in the union, is showing some great hometown support! Also, Washington and Arizona reservations continue to outpace the per capita averages, both by a significant amount. Additionally, we passed a milestone of sorts with every state in the United States has well over 100 reservations!

No matter where you live or where your state stands in the rankings, we thank you for your continued support. We simply would not have come this far without your enduring backing.

Also, before we leave you for the weekend, we wanted to make sure you saw this week’s Momentum. We think it’s an interesting look into the engineering process and an example of how many different decisions go into producing a vehicle. If you missed it, click here to be taken to the Momentum.

Thanks again and have a marvelous weekend!

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