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Who Are the Reservation Holders?

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Happy Friday Elio’ers! ]Sometimes when we’re talking all things Elio (which we’ve been known to do) a great question comes up from a reservation holder or someone who has just found out about us that sparks the idea for a blog. A while ago we received an email from Charles M. asking who are our reservation holders and who do we expect to be Elio customers in the future. This got us to thinking, what makes people interested in Elio Motors? This blog from the archives provides an answer!

It’s cliché, we know, but we really believe the Elio is for just about everybody. Our reservation holders are a pretty varied group, and all sorts of different folks are represented in the Elio Motors family. Here’s a look at some of the main types of reservation holders.

The Commuters

The daily commute is a drag and an expensive drag at that. We have many reservations who endure long commutes and want something that’s more fuel-efficient, affordable, and even HOV eligible. Commuters and Elio are a perfect match.

The Riders

We have quite a few reservation holders who are both current and former motorcycle enthusiasts. What attracts them to Elio? They like the idea of being able to drive their autocycle in all conditions. Through torrential storms and scorching heat, the riders love the idea of being able to avoid the elements in their Elio.

The Patriots

There is a strong contingent of Elio reservation holders who believe that American manufacturing is incredibly important. This group believes in what we’re doing by building the Elio in the United States and targeting 90% utilization of North American content. USA, all the way!


The Green Team

No, we’re not talking about the Green Bay Packers. At up to 84 MPG, the Elio is incredibly alluring to people who want to limit their carbon footprint. And, in a more literal sense, if green is your favorite color, you’re also in luck!

The Trendsetters

There are many things that make the Elio different than any other vehicle. The configuration, concept, and distinctive styling are obvious, but there are things like the way we plan on offering options through ePlus and unique financing options. The trendsetters are drawn to the uniqueness of Elio and we’re happy to have them on board!

Many current and future reservation holders find out about us because of you, our supporters, and the fact that you spread the word about us. Please continue to spread the word- we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!

Thanks again for your support!

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