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You Can Make Money with an Elio?


Happy Friday Elio’ers!  We received a great email this week from a gentleman that asked for some measurements of the vehicle with a twist… he wanted to know “panel sizes” so he can start thinking about how he will logo and wrap his Elio for his business.  What a great idea!  How cool would it be to see your Elio as a rolling billboard for your company? So, a blog is born!

Before we go any further, the measurements that we list here are rough and subject to change.  They are very close to the final numbers, but we reserve the right to alter them to get to our safety, 84 mpg highway and $6,800* price targets.  The Elio P4, in the creamsicle color, is very close to the final design but we want to make sure you don’t go out and spend money on development until we lock in the exact measurements for you.


The Elio is the perfect vehicle for sharing your company message with your market everywhere, every day. American made, environmentally friendly, unbeatable value proposition are all great qualities to associate with your company.  Plus what a unique and eye catching design! There are so many ways to spend $7,000 in advertising with none more effective than an Elio tricked out with your company information.  Additional bonus – you get to drive it (fun!) and be seen in it all year round.

There are three or four distinctive areas to advertise on your Elio.  The first is the “drivers” side.  The door is roughly 44″ by 24″ tall (remember – “roughly” is the key).  Perfect for your logo.  Directly behind that is another 20″ or so to slide in your website or phone number.  There is also room on the front wheel fairing to drop in a slogan or phone number too – it is approximately 6″ by 24″ across the top.


The next place is the hood.  This is sloped back to front for aerodynamics but what a great platform for your services or products to be displayed!   The hood, at over 32″ wide and 34″ long (with a taper down to 14″ between the headlights) will be easily seen from cars at the gas station as you drive on by…

The Elio “passenger” side (opposite the “drivers” side) is a willing and able canvas for your creativity. In a way only Elio can, this side will allow for over  6 feet (at 24″ tall) of unbroken space for you to tell your story.  Yet another benefit of the Elio configuration (oh, and it makes the vehicle safer).

Don’t forget, there is also the roof and the trunk area for you to use.  Let your imagination run wild and start thinking now about how your Elio can not only save you money – it can help you make it as well!


This week in the Preview Tour:

October 3-5 – San Diego, CA – Miramar Air Show – P3 and P4 show – We are down at the end of the runway – look for the Jet Car and the Blue Angels

October 8 – 12 – Albuquerque, NM – The Balloon Fiesta – P3 and P4 show – Wednesday 5:45am to 8:00am; Thursday through Saturday 5:45am through 8pm; Sunday 5:45am to 8:00am

Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate you!

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