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Your Elio’s “Costume”


Happy Friday Elio’ers! The Halloween holiday got us to thinking about different ways to “dress up” your Elio. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it’d be a good time to think about the different applications for your vehicle. Plus, we get tons of different requests and suggestions when it comes to available options. So, today we’ll revisit how you will be able to customize your Elio through different wraps.

Let’s start with the basics. From time to time, we get asked just what a wrap is. Simply put, vehicle wraps are essentially a new skin to go over the paint of the vehicle to change the color and look of the vehicle. A wrap covers every single painted inch of the vehicle. If you go to our website and use the configurator, you will be able to get a feel for how wraps will look on the Elio. Keep in mind that the wraps we currently have listed are only a small sample of the wraps we will have available. The wraps currently on the configurator have more to do with different shades of color.


Among the Elio Motors community, there are some really talented photoshop artists. We have been sent hundreds of ideas for different wraps, from a Captain America themed Elio to an Elio shark, and they are all awesome! We plan on having a ton of different wraps to make the Elio as unique as you.


We often get asked if we will offer custom paint jobs straight from the factory. Part of the reason we’re able to keep the base price low is by producing 14 total vehicles from the plant: 7 different colors and 2 different transmissions. We will not be offering custom paint jobs, but we’re confident you’ll find a local shop that will get the job done. We will also offer some pretty awesome wraps that will rival any shop’s expertise!

For those of you that plan on using the Elio for business, using a wrap will make your vehicle extra-eye catching. Not only will the sleek design and unique configuration turn heads, but if you choose to use a customized wrap you’ll really command some attention while you’re cruising around town. The Elio and a wrap will make for a great 1-2 combo!

Thanks for your support and have a tremendous weekend!

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