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Get Ready for the Snow!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope our friends, fans and family along the eastern seaboard are buckling down and getting ready for the upcoming weather. CNN is already calling the storm “Blizzard 2016” and some areas are preparing for some serious snow (Baltimore 18”+, Washington DC 2½+ feet). Stay warm and safe.

With “Blizzard 2016″ looming (what are they going to call the next storm this year?), we felt it would be a good time to answer the oft asked question of “how will Elio do in the snow”? We understand that many of you have heard this, but this question invariably comes in through email and social media 30+ times a week during this time of year. It is a great question for those of us that live in the areas of our beautiful country that get weather (oh, and 70 degrees and sunny most of the year is not “weather”).


Before we get started, the Elio is not built to run through 3 feet of fresh heavy snow and will not accommodate an eight foot plow mounted to the front. We have not tested it in nine foot snow drifts. If the road to your home is a mile long, at 10,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, that doesn’t get plowed, we would encourage you to have another vehicle for the couple of months that it snows. There are a number of companies that sell vehicles made for that type of activity, many of which you could buy for $68…. thousand!


The Elio is: a front wheel drive, front engine vehicle with most of the weight over the front wheels. The two wheels in the front configuration, with the drive wheels with the engine over top, will create good “traction action.” The Elio will also come with ABS, stability control and traction control. It handles like a small front wheel drive car on dry pavement and we are confident that the production vehicle will handle similarly to the car in the snow.

If there is two feet of new snow, stay home like everyone else or break out your Urban Assault Vehicle. But with the roads plowed, the Elio will be a solid winter vehicle. Remember that heat and AC is standard and we are planning many cold weather options as well, some of which will be rolling out in the coming months for you to start planning.

Click the video below to see our P4 snow driving in Michigan.

Elio Preview Tour

Now through January 24 – Detroit, Michigan; North American International Auto Show, show hours, P5 show
SPECIAL NOTE – We are in the concourse, before you get in to the main show, which is open to the public without a ticket


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