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Getting Ready for the Big Show!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! It is the first day of spring 2015 and it has come in with some punch for our Elio fans in the northeast: snow. It is good to get that weather out of the way this week before we head that direction at the end of the month for the New York Auto Show.

We have had some emails and calls this week saying “Where are you this week”? It is so great to be wanted! The Elio is spending some time in our prototype shop with our partner Technosports Creative to get some attention before we head to New York.

That got us thinking, why in the world are we taking an expensive hand-built prototype around the country to show our fans and future fans? Have you ever seen a prototype for a Corvette (or any vehicle) at a public show a year before it was introduced? How about allowing people sit in it and get a feel for what it is like? Absolutely not, the industry would think that’s nuts.

But we show people, and even let you touch it and sit in it. We do it because we are different. We felt that is was important for people to not only see the Elio live, but to experience it from the drivers seat (and passenger seat in many cases!). There is a much greater appreciation for the vehicle when you experience it in person.  The overall size and solid feel of the Elio and sitting in the driver’s seat and experiencing the spaciousness and incredible driving perspective is way worth it!

The team at Technosports Creative has their work cut out for them as typically their prototype work stays behind closed doors with only one or two people being able to even touch the vehicle. Take a picture of it, nope… allow everyone, including potential customers to sit in it – never! The hand-made Elio P4 has held up incredibly given the sheer volume of people that have been in and around the P4 over the last year. Let’s look at some stats:

  • The P4 has traveled over 70,000 miles in the trailer. Pretty substantial driving miles in a year if you were commuting, but the P4 rides in style having only to endure with the vibration and trailer suspension (and a trailer water leak that was tons of fun to locate!).
  • We have had over 100,000 people (estimated) sit in the Elio over the last year.  Think about that for a minute.. what does that mean?
    • 100,000+ people of all different shapes and sizes getting in and out of the vehicle, both in the front and the back seats. Think about the seat, adjust it up/down front and back/folded forward  over 100,000 times! If you were to get in and out of your car 20 times a day, every day, it would take you about thirteen and a half years of use to do what we have done to the prototype in the last year alone.
    • Door opens and closes – having this many folks get in and out creates a ton of work for the door. Open the door to let people in, open it again to let them out, maybe a test close here and there and you end up with over 200,000 opens/closes with the vast majority of them done on the outside handle! 200,000 is huge number, over 10 x what a manufacturer would do to quality check a new part.  In your lifetime you will never even approach this many outside door pulls on all of your cars!


Given the scope of what the P4 has gone through, the team at Technosports Creative has the P4 for a couple of weeks to give it a once over (paint touch-ups, new carpet etc.) before we hit the show in NYC! The P4 has performed fantastically and has been a de facto, and unscientific, reliability test.  Taking your experience and feedback into account, the production vehicle will be built for the long haul in an effort to exceed your expectations.

The Elio Preview Tour:

April 3-12, New York City for the New York Auto Show, Jacob Javitz Center; show hours; this is a P4 show

Thanks for your continued support!

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