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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Elio friends and fans!  Wow, can you believe it is 2014?  We hope that your holiday season was everything that you wanted it to be and then some.  We took a little time with our families and a lot of time getting geared up for the very exciting year ahead.  Oh and are we starting the year out with a BANG!  We have three major events all happening within the first three weeks plus the reveal of the new prototype!

First let’s talk about the cool events that we will be attending.  To kick off the year we are heading to Las Vegas to attend ShowStoppers CES 2014.  This is a private event for key media outlets to get a sneak peak at the coolest innovations from CES.  There are only 120 companies showing their latest stuff to over 1500 media outlets.  We are really excited to be part of this and are planning for great things to come out of Vegas (none of this what happens in Vegas stuff).

After we leave Vegas we are heading to Scottsdale, Arizona for Barrett-Jackson – “The world’s greatest collector car auctions”.  This is a huge event that attracts hundreds of thousands of people that are obviously huge car buffs.  We are setting up our display for eight days and the excitement level is out of sight!  We will be in the main hall with the big boys from January 12 through 19.

And our final big event for January is the Sundance Film Festival.  This private event is held in Park City, Utah between January 17th and 20th.  And as most of you are aware, this is the event where we are going to reveal the new prototype!   This is going to be a great event and we cannot be more excited!

We know many of you probably skipped the paragraphs above to get to the really fun stuff – P4!  Here are some more pictures of the work as the next Elio becomes a reality.

DSC08133 DSC08135DSC08134

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The first picture is of the interior looking through the door opening toward the steering wheel and pedals.  Not a lot to see on this view…yet!  Pretty soon there will be flooring, a seat… the cockpit to your Elio.

The middle picture shows the body panels on the vehicle for the first time.  Sweet.  You can also see the top of the donor engine and the inner workings of the door.  The panels are loosely fit at this juncture and will be removed and replaced a couple of times before being put in place permanently.

And the final picture is the look from the side.  You can see the nice lines starting and you can get a feel for the nose and where the headlights will be (cut outs on the hood line).  And yes, we opened the door and put the cardboard in there, the rear of the vehicle will have to wait until next week!

So those pictures show the progress of the vehicle as it takes shape.  It is such an amazing process to watch happen, we hope that you are enjoying it as much as we are.  With that said, let’s look at the CAD drawing and see what the next section has in store for your Elio.

Elio4_Side_MiddleThe middle section has changes that are more nuanced than the pictures from last week.  The first was a slight change to the body line to help us remain slippery and sleek.  The second is the belt line, the part where the side window meets the door panel.  We lowered the belt line slightly to help out with visibility of the front tires and open up the cabin for the passengers a little more.  Not a lot of change as you look at this section but important none the less.  Oh and say hello to the “Dummies”, these are the 95th percentile that the vehicle was designed around.  The 95th percentile is roughly a 6’1″ 220 lb. human.  Chances are very good that you will fit in the Elio!

Thanks for checking back again this week, remember to share this with your friends!

Next week – the rear of the vehicle and maybe a CAD rendering!

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