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Have You Locked In Your Price?

Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you haven’t been watching this year’s Olympic Games, you are missing out and this weekend is your last opportunity to tune in. The 2016 Summer Olympics are in the homestretch and come to a close on Sunday. At the time of this writing, the United States is in the lead, and it’s not even close. The U.S. has racked up an impressive 100 total medals and a whopping 35 gold medals- wow! The hard work and determination of these athletes is truly awe-inspiring. Huge congratulations to all those who have represented our great country!

Olympics USA

This has been an incredible week for Elio Motors. Last week, we announced that we have locked in our base price for “non-refundable” reservation holders. For “non-refundable” reservation holders who make a binding commitment to purchase the vehicle, the base price is locked in at $7,000. For “non-refundable” reservation holders who do not complete the binding agreement, their base price locks in at $7,300*. Locking in the price at this level is historic- the Volkswagen Beetle’s sticker price was $1,699 in 1968, or about $11,767 today and the Model T would cost approximately $22,000 (both adjusted for inflation).

If you have a “non-refundable” reservation and would like to lock in your base price at $7,000, click here. Please make sure to use the email address you initially used to make the reservation. If you have a refundable reservation and would like to convert to a “non-refundable” reservation in order to make the commitment and lock in the price, click here.

If you have any questions about this recent development, click here for a FAQ that should answer all of your questions.

Car prices are quickly growing out of control. The average price of a new car has reached over $34,000- ouch! Think the used car market offers an affordable alternative? Think again. The average price of a used car is hovering around $19,000. Ouch again. The Elio offers unheard of gas mileage, safety, an all-American pedigree, and an ultra-low base price!


Don’t just take it from us- the media has taken notice. Check out these articles: Fortune, Forbes, CNET, Road and Track, Business Insider, and The Auto Channel. The word is out!

Did you happen to catch this week’s Momentum? It turns out that the lock in price was not the only noteworthy development in the past week! As you may know, the E-Series build is a crucial step in our journey and allows us to learn more about the vehicle itself, the manufacture of the vehicle and to make refinements based on what we learn.  These improvements and changes will only be made if they move forward our four “musts”: superior gas mileage, affordable base price, safe, and made in America. The E-Series build process has led us to make improvements to the body of the Elio. Read more about refinements to the Elio body here.


Preview Tour:

August 20, 2016- Royal Oak, MI – Woodward Dream Cruise – In front of The Avenue at 31253 Woodward, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Thanks for your enduring support and have a tremendous weekend!


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