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ICYMI – Detroit NAIAS 1-15-16


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Hopefully the three people that split the Powerball jackpot are still reading the blog this week, which we are sure that they are.  What else would you be doing right now? It’s Friday, and Friday is blog day (read that in your best Sheldon from Big Bang Theory voice). I am sure things are moving fast for those folks right now, maybe even as fast as they are for us!


Before we get to the ICYMI part of the blog this week, we want to remind you that that the first Spot In Line (SIL) email of the year is emailing next week. What does that mean? The SIL is the production slot number that people receive when they have a $1,000 All In reservation. This number is the actual number in line for an Elio and is the number that people use when they post to social media i.e. Carlos #16 or Lloyd #15,916.  The SIL email goes out to those that made either a $1,000 All In reservation or upgraded to the $1,000 All In level in the last two months (since 11/16/15). We only send the email to the newly minted $1,000 All In reservation holders because once you get your SIL, it stays the same!

The reason for the reminder (and the emails) is that we inevitably will get calls and emails next week from people that wanted to upgrade and didn’t get it in on time. So if you are thinking about upgrading for this round, make your upgrade before Sunday night at midnight EST. The next SIL email will be in mid-March.

We have been at the North American International Auto Show this week in Detroit, Michigan. The first couple of days were reserved for media, industry and suppliers and, true to form, we have been pretty popular. We are amazed and humbled that we can still draw huge crowds and attention while surrounded by the “best of the best” in the industry. We are on to something!


Below are some links to coverage we have received from the show to date (even before it is open to the public). Check them out and feel free to share them with you family and friends! Click on article title to open the webpage in another window:

Elio Preview Tour

January 16-24 – Detroit, Michigan; North American International Auto Show, show hours, P5 show

Thank you for your continued support!

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