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Important Announcement Regarding the Elio Dash

There are many components that make up a vehicle which do not receive much attention. We spend quite a bit time thinking about a vehicle’s engine, but significantly less on components like a door handle, hood latch, and many others. Take your vehicle’s dashboard, for instance. While you may not think of it often, it provides a crucial function to the driving experience. A dash is much more than a cosmetic component and conveys important information to the driver. At Elio Motors, our dash has been a major topic of conversation among our supporters.

Up to this point, the design of the Elio Motors dash has resembled a Lord Elgin watch. The idea for the Elgin dash comes from a Lord Elgin watch Paul Elio received from his late father. The Elgin dash was one way Paul wanted to honor his father’s memory.

While we still believe the originality of the Elgin dash mirrors that of our vehicle, as a team we have decided to incorporate a traditional dash in the Elio. Today, we will take a look at the reasons for our decision.

Elio IP 1

Reservation Holder Feedback

At Elio Motors, we have an extensive network of vociferous supporters. Our supporters have always been very vocal in their opinions and ready to provide feedback on different aspects of our vehicle. After the idea of the Elgin dash was introduced, we realized that there was a strong preference for a traditional dash. The feedback from supporters and reservation holders was a major reason we will offer a standard dash in the base vehicle.

Low Base Price

Our mission has always been to produce the most affordable vehicle possible. Savings can be found throughout the vehicle, from the strategic placement of the hood latches to using off-the-shelf components. As the Elgin dash is a new idea, it is currently not in a production vehicle. Designing a new dash would inevitably add cost to the vehicle and using a more traditional dash allows us to keep the Elio as affordable as possible.

Elio IP 2

Development Time

Designing and testing a new component takes a considerable amount of time. We are very conscious of the value of doing everything we can to save as much time throughout the process. We also felt that a traditional dash was the right decision due to its universal acceptance and availability. The use of a traditional dash allows our engineers to focus on other matters to get the vehicle to market as quickly as possible.

IP Exploded View

We understand that the Elgin dash does have its supporters but we feel that this is the correct decision at this time. A traditional dash will be the production dash, but the concept of the Elgin dash is still viable. We have put it off to the side for now, but It may be available in a special edition, an option, or an add-on to the current dash. Regardless, we believe that the Elgin dash is a great way for Paul to honor his father’s memory.

Every day, we do everything possible to produce a safe, affordable, high-mileage vehicle made in America. We appreciate your feedback and passion and we will continue to do everything possible to make the Elio a reality.

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