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Introducing an Addition to Standard Equipment…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to get your lawnmower primed and ready to go. While the “official” summer kickoff isn’t for a few more weeks over Memorial Day weekend, it’s starting to feel like summer across the country.

Here at Elio Motors, our reservation holders are one of our most valuable assets. Not only do they help spread the word and believe passionately in the project, they are also valuable because they let us know what is important to them. Not only do they tell us what they love about the Elio, they also tell us what they want in their Elio. From the beginning, one topic in particular came up over and over. Elio fans wondered if it would come standard or as an option. The question only grew when we launched the first version of our configurator.

What about cruise control?

We have consistently received tons of emails asking about the availability of cruise control: it is probably the “option” that has created the most amount of emails and comments. We took these comments to heart, and then to engineering to see if they could fit it in as standard equipment. And…. drumroll please…they did! We are excited to announce that cruise control will come standard in your Elio.


How were we able to do this? We have often talked about the benefits of having a superior supplier network. The additional of cruise control as standard equipment is a perfect example of how having the best folks in the business coming together can get something done. When we told our engineering team that our reservation holders were clamoring for cruise control, they went to work and made it happen. “This is a great example of the Elio way,” said Jeff Johnston, the VP of Engineering at Elio Motors. “The sales and marketing group put cruise control on the “bubble list,” which lead to the group talking about it. Having the right supplier partners in the room at the right time enabled us to make this happen in a cost-effective manner for our customers.”

There will be many advantages to having cruise control come standard in the Elio. For one, this time of year brings to mind summer road trips. With cruise control standard, Elio owners will be able to give their legs a well-deserved break on long hauls. Secondly, for our fans with a lead foot, cruise control will help save on traffic tickets. The Elio by itself is a head turner, so cruise control will be a good way to stay on the road instead of having to pull to the side of it!

We appreciate all of the feedback from our great fans, and we hope you are as excited about this addition as we are.

Don’t forget, next week’s SIL (Spot In Line) mailing is the last before the 50% reservation bonus expires on May 31st at 12 AM Eastern. The deadline for the SIL is Sunday, May 15th, so if you want to make it to the top level with the 50% reservation bonus, this weekend is the last opportunity!

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As always, thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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