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Introducing the newly completed E-Series vehicle! | Elio Motors Tour

The E1c Has Arrived!


The Elio P5 awaits the E1c at the 2016 LA Auto Show.

The Los Angeles Auto Show has established itself as one of the premier automotive exhibitions in the world. As one of the top events on the automotive calendar, the show annually features some of the exciting automotive announcements and unveilings. Each year, the auto industry reveals the most exciting new developments at the LA Auto Show. This year, Elio Motors will introduce to the press and public, our most recently completed E-Series vehicle, the E1c. Today, we’ll detail the E1c’s journey from its birthplace in Michigan to its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The E1c, as is the case with all the E-Series vehicles, was produced at our Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, Michigan. Though the E1c is not truly a test vehicle, it plays an important role in our future. It is significantly closer to a production vehicle than the P5.

As the LA Auto Show is one of the preeminent auto shows in the world, we decided that it would be the perfect venue for the E1c’s debut.

From the Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, the E1c was trailered to begin its journey westward. The first major stop took place in Chicago for an Investor Conference. From the conference, the E1c voyaged south, through St. Louis onto the iconic Route 66, down the most famous and recognizable highway in the country en route to its debut. The E1c then deviated off the direct path to meet with automotive legend Pete Brock in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Brock, who can be considered an expert in the field of automotive design, was more than impressed with the E1c. He also understands start-ups as he and his wife Gayle have started Aerovault, a new trailer company. From the neon lights of Sin City, the E1c made its final trek to the big lights of the LA Auto Show.trailer momentum

Now, after more than 2,270 miles and 35 hours of transport, the E1c has arrived at its final destination in Los Angeles.

There are few stages bigger than the LA Auto Show which is why the E1c is a perfect fit for the occasion. Tomorrow, the E1c will be introduced to the general public and to Elio Motors’ fans. Please stay tuned as we’ll have additional coverage of the event and footage of the vehicle itself that we will share following the news conference.

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