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Is the Elio for you? YES! 8/8/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  Hope you are enjoying your summer and the dog days of August.  Most of you are aware of our Preview Tour that goes around the country spreading the word about the Elio in different malls, trade shows and large events.  The Tour Team occasionally allows some of us to come out and work with them at an event, and it is such a blast!  Long days are the norm, but the opportunity to share and expose people to the “next big thing in transportation” is well worth it!  This week’s blog is based on my experience on Tour and the types of discussions we have with the fans and soon-to-be”  fans of Elio.


As we stand by the Elio we get to interact with so many people and personalities.  The people that come see the vehicle are usually one of a few different types (over-simplified, for sure, but call it artistic freedom!):  Future Elio Owners, newbies who have never heard of Elio or seen anything as cool as our vehicle and the two groups that drive this week’s topic; fans that have yet to make a reservation, and the curious folks that are aware of us, but need more.

First, the Future Elio Owners. It is awesome to see the Limited Edition T-shirts walking up!  This group is “All In” and always excited to see the Elio.  They may come alone or in groups.  Some bring their significant others who may or may not be as well versed – but most leave with the Elio fever! The future Elio Owners come with great questions, their cameras, and tons of excitement.  These are the ones you see laying on the ground and taking pictures and measuring the vehicle to see “if it will fit.”  Fun group to spend time with.


The Newbies are also great to talk with.  They know some to nothing about us and are attracted to Elio by the awesome styling and unique look… or because of the huge crowds that are always by the vehicle. This group gets to “drink out of the fire hose” of Elio information.  They read the signs – $6800, 84 MPG, Made in America, Safety.  Then they ask us if it is real (“really???!??  $6800??!! 84 MPG??!!”).  Then, knowing that we are Elio people, they will reach out to someone in line: “does that say $6800″  “84 MPG?”.  Finally, they ask us again and reality sinks in.   At this juncture, they bridge into the fan group and start asking about how to make a reservation.

The two next groups are the “Fans” that have yet to commit to a reservation and the “Curious” that know who we are but need more information.  These two groups are very similar to each other.  The Fans come with cameras and tons of questions. The Curious come with more focused questions, and usually with someone else that helps in the decision making.  Some are more skeptical when they walk up, apprehensive even, but definitely eager to see and experience the Elio.  Some have even walked up shaking their head and saying “no” before they really get to know us.  These are the ones that are fun to show the Elio vision with and help them to better understand how exactly Elio fits into their life. This is where the question of  “is the Elio for you?” comes up.

Is the Elio for everyone?  The logical answer is no, it is not for everyone, nothing is for “everybody.”  But… why not?  That is the question that will come up in one way, shape or form during our discussions with the folks that have yet to make a reservation.

How exactly does the Elio fit in your life?  The obvious and most significant fit is commuting.  The economics of the Elio have never been seen in the USA before.  Incredibly low price, amazing mileage on the highway and the Elio lead to huge savings.  The math even works out so that if you drive the Elio enough you will save money, actual dollars, in your monthly vehicle expense!   Never before has this been possible.  What about people that currently have an unreliable low mileage “clunker” that they are driving?  They can walk away from the clunker, buy an Elio and drive a brand new, three year 36,000 mile warrantied vehicle that starts when you turn the key and spend less on a payment and gas than they did on just gas with the clunker!  Win-Win.


Other great fits for an Elio:  high school and/or college student?  Send your student into the world with a safe, reliable, inexpensive to operate vehicle that parents and young adults can afford.  Fleet or small business?Picture how cool your logo look on the side of the Elio driving down the road!  Compare it to what you do now:  How much do you pay for mileage to employees?  How much is that Ford Focus or Toyota Corolla cost to lease and operate every month?  Need an inexpensive errand vehicle?  Perfect for retirees and as a vehicle to run around town with.   Environmentally conscious?  How about getting 3x the gas mileage than the average vehicle at one-fourth the price of electric?

So, most people see how the Elio fits into their life after a few quick minutes interacting with the vehicle and the team and begin  thinking about their life in a way that they never could before.  So yes, Elio is for you!

Next Week on the Preview Tour:

Woodward Dream Cruise, Royal Oak, MI.  We will be out in front of Village Automotive, 31200 Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak MI.  P3 and P4


Thanks for your continued support!

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