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Labor Day

Happy Friday Elio’ers! You may have noticed that this blog is reaching your inbox a little earlier than the average Friday Blog. You might just ask yourself, why? We figure that many of you probably want to get a head start on traffic to celebrate the weekend with friends and family! Believe it or not, USA Today ranks Labor Day as one of the 6 busiest travel holidays of the year. Here’s to beating the traffic and long airport security lines and getting to where you’re headed on time!

Labor Day is more than a long weekend: it is a celebration of the American worker. If you know a little bit about Elio Motors, you know that our goal is to create American manufacturing jobs. Our goal is unwavering and we believe that our country is about due for a manufacturing comeback. We want to be a part of this comeback, and your support helps us in our effort.

In case you missed it, last week’s Friday Blog highlighted the fact that Elio fans are a very curious bunch. We figured that while we do our best to answer common engineering questions in our communications, there were certain topics that we have yet to cover. So, we opened the floor to Elio supporters and they came through in a big way! The most recent Momentum answered a variety of questions that came in from Elio fans. Next week, we will answer a handful of interesting questions submitted about the Elio engine.

We love hearing from our supporters, and if you have an engineering related question, please feel free to send it to [email protected] and you may see it covered in an upcoming blog!

As always, we greatly appreciate your support and have a marvelous 3-day weekend!

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