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Legislation Update and more


You may have noticed that the Momentum has a new look. Our goal, in the new Momentum format, is to keep all of our supporters, fans and reservation holders informed on a number of fronts. 


If you have an interest in engineering, industry trends, or general Elio Motors progress, we aim to provide you with valuable information. In the past, Momentum has covered one topic. Today, we will cover three: legislative progress, the impact of the daily commute, and the growing trade deficit.

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Autocycle Progress

Yesterday, a bill was proposed by Senator Dave Miramant which would create an autocycle designation for autocycles in the state of Maine.


The proposed bill would define autocycles and allow drivers to drive autocycles with their regular driver’s license. According to Senator Miramant, ““Although there has been proposed Federal legislation to deal with autocycles, there has been no action at this point.”


 “We shouldn’t rely on Washington to get this done — other states are moving forward with their own common-sense regulations and we should be doing the same here in Maine.”


According to data from the US Energy Information Administration, the largest source of greenhouse pollution is transportation for the first time in 40 years. Previously, the generation of electricity contributed far more pollution than getting from Point A to Point B. According to IFL Science, “the automotive sector is lagging behind.



More than 50 percent of urban pollution can be attributed to motor vehicles. The US Energy Information Administration indicates that carbon dioxide emissions emitted in 2016 by transportation increased by 1.9 percent, overtaking power generation as the most polluting sector in the country.” At up to 84 MPG on the highway, the Elio can play a significant role in limiting our carbon output.


Cutting the Deficit, Creating Jobs


While there is no denying we are living in an era of polarizing politics, there is one issue that transcends party affiliation: the creation of American jobs. The 21st century has seen American manufacturing jobs vanish and as a result the national trade deficit has continued to grow. NJ Today says “Millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the massive trade deficit …Nearly three-fourths of the lost jobs were in manufacturing.”



The equation is simple: by fostering American manufacturing, we can effectively combat the growing trade deficit. The automotive sector, in particular, can usher in the next era of American manufacturing. 

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