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Let’s Talk Reservation Bonus 8/1/14

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Happy Friday Elio’ers, and happy August!  It seems like just yesterday it was July…

This week we have gathered the most popular questions and answers about the reservation program to ensure that you have the information you need to clearly understand the ins and outs of the program.

What does the upcoming change mean for my existing reservation?

The answer depends on where you are today with your existing reservation.  If you are an “All In” reservation holder, everything is the same as it has been since the beginning of the Elio reservation program and you get a 50% reservation bonus when you buy your Elio.  So, if you are at the $1000 “All In” level, you are at the top of the heap, have your Spot in Line (all $1000 “All In” reservations before our last mailing on July 10th that is) and will get your $500 bonus when you buy your Elio at the time of purchase. You will use your $1000 reservation and $500 from us to equal $1,500 off the final price of your Elio.  All is good.  Here is a table:

Reservation When You get: Total
$1000 All In before September 1st Your $1000 plus $500 $1,500

If you are a $500 “All In” reservation holder, you too have an extra 50% coming when you buy your Elio, a $250 bonus.  You can get an extra $250 bonus if you make your $500 to $1000 upgrade by September 1, 2014.  That will get you the maximum bonus of $500 with your new $1000 reservation ($500 original reservation plus $500 upgrade).  If you choose to wait until September 2, 2014 or until the new upgrade program changes or ends, the upgrade portion will qualify for the a 25% bonus which will get you an additional $125 on the upgrade (instead of $250).  Your total bonus, if you wait to upgrade, will be $375 ($250 + $125) instead of $500 ($250 + $250) if you upgrade before September 1, 2014.  You will also get a Spot in line email with your new $1000 “All In” reservation!

$500 “All In” Reservation
Reservation When You get: Total
$500 Before 9/1/2014 Your $500 plus $250 $750


$500 to $1000 Upgrade When You get: Total
$500 Before 9/1/2014 $500 + $250 $750
$500 After 9/1/2014 $500 + $125 $625


$500 Res and $500 Upgrade Before 9/1/2014 $1000 plus $500 bonus $1,500
$500 Res and $500 Upgrade Upgrade After 9/1/2014 $1000 plus $375 $1,375
Plus Spot in Line in the next available number

The same applies for the $250 and $100 “All In” reservation.  Act now and you will get 50% on your original reservation and upgrade, wait until September 2, 2014 or later and get 25% on your upgrade amount. You can make as many reservations as you want, no limit.

If you are a “Want In” refundable reservation holder you currently do not qualify for the reservation bonus as you know.  You can, however, convert your “Want In” reservation, any level, to an All In reservation by September 1, 2014 and qualify for the 50% bonus on your reservation amount.  If you wait to convert your reservation to “All In” after September 1, you will qualify for the 25% bonus as long it is in effect.  Print, sign, and email this form back to us and we will convert your reservation for you.  Don’t forget, by upgrading now you will move up in the line to get your Elio and get the T-shirt and bumper sticker in addition to your 50% bonus.

I haven’t made my reservation yet, can I still get the 50% bonus?

Yes, any “All In” reservation made by September 1, 2014 qualifies for the 50% reservation bonus.  After that date, 25% will apply.  The same process applies to you when it comes to your reservation and upgrades as current reservation holders:  “All In” reservations and upgrades until September 1, 2014 get the 50% and any after qualify for the 25%.

Please see our Bonus FAQ for more answers.

This week on the Preview Tour:

August 1 and 2 – Reno NV;  Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, Show Hours – P3 show

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